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  1. Great Northern Fireworks
    Great Northern Fireworks Nath732
    Its Nathan the thief. Good to see you are getting your day in court. You deserve all you get, you are a thief
  2. johnny
    Fireworks importer
  3. Sonic Fireworks
    Sonic Fireworks
    Enjoying time to Work on building the company.
  4. Boneshaker Mad
  5. James Woodward
    James Woodward
    Pro Firer/Crew
  6. mike hadley
    mike hadley
  7. Dave Fisher
    Dave Fisher
    Happy new year all! Have a safe display
  8. explosive fireworks
    explosive fireworks
    218 Albert road Farnworth Bolton Bl49jb
  9. explosive fireworks
    explosive fireworks
    All year around fireworks shop in Bolton
  10. Portfire
    Portfire FiremagicUK
    Hi can you send me a copy of your trade list to please. I did notice on one of your photos on twitter a "Shell fusing string". What do you have on offer in that department? We've used Jubilee strings in the past and the crew love them as they're so quick (can't convert them to pyrotimer) - if not yours where do you source or were they prestrung?
    Portfire - aka Graham
  11. Quasar
    Shudder before the beautiful
  12. Bone
    Bone Flash
    Hi Jason,

    I recently sent you an email inquiring about whether you needed any additional firers.
    As a follow up to that I have an enquiry for a small (£500 - 600) display locally to me (East Grinstead) in February, and was wondering if this is something you would be interested providing?

    Brief is for a 5 - 6 minute show, as much ariel stuff as possible with plenty of noise / colour.

    Andy Bone
  13. therealbarnsey
    therealbarnsey Dave Fisher
    Did you record it? :o
    thunder hawks on left?
    1. Dave Fisher
      Dave Fisher
      Yes i do have a video, although im struggling to upload it. I fired the rockets with governors 2 and 3.
      Nov 7, 2016
    2. Dave Fisher
      Dave Fisher
      Nov 7, 2016
  14. therealbarnsey
    therealbarnsey Dave Fisher
    Your photos is beautiful :) are those all hawks? Did they all go at once?
    1. Dave Fisher
      Dave Fisher
      Hello yes. I fired 11 hawks at once for my finale. Lovely finish
      Nov 7, 2016
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  15. Metab alam
    Metab alam
    The older I get the more I love fireworks
  16. garyhorsman2
    garyhorsman2 Sparkler
    Hi Sparkler, thanks for the like on my 'for sale' post.
    Is there anything you see that interests you ?
    Kind regards,
  17. mark terry
    mark terry
    Preston firework display team
  18. Citibhoy
  19. bert0027
    me with a 12" shell along time ago
  20. marcw
    marcw Exbombhead
    Ok thankyou I emailed him a month or so ago with no reply and the site showed that he was not opening this November so didn't think he'd have anything left.