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    A bill of sale from the FIREWORKS & PUBLIC DECORATION COY. LTD. dated 1998 for a firework display at a Cycle Race meeting for £25. 10/-. According to this they had a factory at Earlsfield, Surrey...... just love the telegraphic address top right "SQUIBBING, LONDON ".
    Another piece of the jigsaw fits into place........
    1895 bill326.jpg
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  2. That's a fascinating piece Kevin, real history. Earlsfield, Surrey and Wandsworth appear to be pretty much the same place. The only factory that immediately comes to mind is Mrs Randles Firework Factory, Wandsworth - but this place was primarily concerned with amorces. There was another Small Firework Factory there though, I found a reference to it a while back in an accident report but can't recall the name of the place. My guess is that this is the likely candidate but I could be miles off track.
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    Could well be the place that had the accident, maybe with this company name you can backtrack through the records to find out.......... they were obviously making fireworks here by the name they use on the telegraph address.......... this stuff keeps on surfacing in the most unlikely of places.....
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  4. When pallet loads of evidence has been destroyed, items like this are priceless Kev. Real history. I take it there wasn't any labels.....!!
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  6. None of the names register with licensed manufacturers of the day. This is not to diminish in any way the firms involved, but it does make a strong point as to the record keeping and controls of the day. Really fascinating and important stuff - factories that were perhaps working ten years or so after the Act had passed were still operating maybe without having been affected. I could and probably have got this wrong but the surviving archive records are not solving the mystery. The "Fireworks and Public Decoration Coy" certainly appear to have been both bona-fide and substantial and yet below the RADAR as it seems to have existed at that time (according to records we have now)