Cake/Barrage 2014 Marvel Finale CAT 2 Cake (4pack)

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  1. Magnum Series

    Magnum Series Pro Firer/Crew

    • Distance 8 metres firer, audience 15 metres
    • Running Time:118s
    • Effect: 4 cakes to a retail unit.
    A - Gold brocade with glitter, blue star to kamuru, blue mine to blue to silver peony and crackles, spider king, blue mine to brocade crown king.
    B - Green flash mine to palm with silver glitter, spider king with red pistols glittering tails to red glittering dahlia, red time rain, kamuru finale.
    C - Blue comet to brocade and red stars, silver peony with palm pistols, palm with red glitter core, kamuru to silver blink, silver crown with crackling flowers.
    D - Blue mine to golden crown and blue stars, blue star to silver blink willow, blue mine to brocade crown king, blue mine to blink willow, blue mine to silver cascade brocade.

    • Style: Straight
    • Shots: 100
    • NEC 1.98g across 4 cakes
    • CAT2
    • Price £184.95

    Marvel Finale, is an alternative to our Finale Box, with all four cakes firing straight up.