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    Some people I know in the antiques trade recently moved to a new property, they are now going through the dozens of boxes of gear that they moved from their old place to their new one........... they are starting to find the odd bit of vintage pyro that they stored away many years ago and had forgotten all about,. Nothing jaw dropping yet but they warned me that there could well be more to come as they have no idea what they have in a lot of the boxes . (They had 2 large storage containers that they moved, rammed full of storage boxes put away over last 30 yrs or so ). They are slowly going through everything and pulling out militaria and pyro stuff for me .
    So far they turned up this small group , the banger boxes were only part contents but for me that was just perfect, somehow I didn't have an example of the Astra banger in my collection and the 2 1/2d Pains Little Terror box provided a single example that I needed to at last replace the one I found sealed in a bottle several years ago.
    Yet again the pictures have rotated, no idea why some do that and others don't

    IMG_5725.JPG IMG_5726.JPG IMG_5727.JPG IMG_5728.JPG
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