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  1. For the past few years I have been running a fireworks display down our allotments, it has become really popular because the bonfire is always massive, beer is always flowing and the fireworks display is pretty decent.It is also free (and better than the local working mans club, that charges 5 pounds a head, has no bonfire and also uses supermarket fireworks)

    However with increased numbers, we can't do what we normally do which is throw lots of multipacks and a single super expensive banger at me, and have me run around like a headless chicken trying to light over 500 tiny supermarket fireworks. Secretly I think thats what everyone finds funny.

    I have got some of the budget to purchase some fireworks, from the supermarket. I don't want to mess this up guys, or I will be running around lighting poxy little bangers burning my fingers when the taper burns down for ever more. I have started using a blowtorch to light 10 - 20 at a time, but that just isn't safe.

    So. I have £160 pounds, for a display that should last 30 minutes with me and a helper. The crowd expects some sparkles in the sky. Lots of noise and bangs and a finale of a stupidly impressive mortar.

    I will have some other supermarket multipacks turning up, so outside of that . What is the best bang for the buck with my budget to maximise the crowd pleasing!

    I will be buying them next week, so your advice will be immediately used! Thanks in advance all!
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  2. m00ny

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    Does it have to be 30mins long? You will struggle with £160 for 30mins. Is there a way of contacting the people who bring the supermarket items and asking them if they would rather put all the money together to get more for your money from a proper firework shop, your display would be considerably better if its possible.

    If not I would fire all the supermarket items first and spend your £160 on a 3-5min display at the end.

    Where abouts are you based? You might have a decent shop nearby or even better a forum sponsor.
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  3. pablo

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    get a show box single ignition, mine, rockets, big conic fountains and some wheels. £160 is rather a small budget for your display. No point getting supermarket stuff. Some Smaller cat 2 cheap cakes would be good to pad out then let the show box rip at the end.
  4. The display will be padded out with the supermarket ones, and the supermarket ones appear organically as people always want to donate to the display.

    Say the 3-5 Minute end will be where all the good stuff happens. I am in Stoke-on-trent.

    Never had an issue with supermarket fireworks, sometimes it seems quantity does trump quality when you are not standing terribly far away, although there was the year someone bought some suspiciously professional fireworks as a donation. They were fantastic.
  5. Top tip pablo with the showbox. Thats not far from me, and we can light that and fire the others as it does its stuff!
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    why not instead of accepting fireworks ask for a donation before the display and use that to boost your spending. Supermarket fireworks are great in back gardens but for a medium display you want to focus on cat 2 sponsor cakes, candles, fan cakes etc.
  7. Pablo. Love to, but I am afraid they have always used done it this way in the past. It is the first time I actually got some of the budget to spend on some better fireworks. Normally it was tonnes of the tiny multipacks! I am taking advice here :D Just tell me what to do, I may chuck in a bit of money on my end just to prove a point.
  8. I am certainly no professional, I do this because I am the youngest on the site and the quickest at lighting all those fireworks.
  9. Im sure a sponsor can sort something out for you.

    The pyro is in a different league to supermarkets
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    The problem with the supermarket stuff is not that it is always rubbish but once you are out of a garden and in a bigger sized area they loose their effect. Great in duration as there are lots but not in effect. I think the Range for example or Lidl would give a lot better displays with their selections so advising them where to get the fireworks might be a good idea, ideally if they are close to a sponsor and can get £30-40 selection.

    Rather than just light loads of fireworks try and build sections, sponsors are here to help and advise on what to fire and what to fire for effects. They know their own fireworks, they don't just want to simply sell anything to you.
  11. If I can be honest, we do ok with the display even with the piddly supermarket stuff (We see what we have, and stick them in a pile and let off batches. we can sometimes have up to 30 of the same type). I had a look in Lidl, looks pretty good and I also have a range nearby so i will pop in and view. The distance of the crowd is quite close.

    So say I get one of those awesome looking single light showbox (That will make my life easy!). Are there any 'winners' this year from Lidl and the Range I could add that are pretty good?
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    this is fairly easy to sort out. Rely on others to bring the bits and pieces and you just get the better stuff. There's can be the fun bit at the start and you can wind them up a bit with how crap there's are knowing you've got some surprises waiting.

    I suspect you're doing this all quite close up rather than at a distance so you want to focus on some of the cat 2 stuff rather than scaring the bejeebers out of hen with big cat 3. I'm seeing hat the sponsor @Blitz Fireworks is nearest you. Don't know much about them and don't see them on here a lot. But they could do you a decent deal on some mid size barrages and a couple of mines and some rockets I'm sure.

    But .... if you can get down to Birmingham or Bilston you could use Latifs. See the thread about them. They have some excellent Primed Pyro barrages that would be perfect for you and all at Bogof. You could get a half dozen of those for around £70. Then I'd suggest some of the primed pyro rockets - especially the Mercury Rising at buy one get 2 free. That's another £30. Then you've got £60 left for whatever you fancy. Although their stuff is Bogof they'll normally sell you one item for half price or 2 items the same price mix n match. Their Brothers items are also excellent.

    So that's what I'd do and I'd say you'll get at least twice the bang for your buck than any of the supermarket options
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    Having said that a short drive north gets you to Saj @Chorlton Fireworks. He could do you a world beating pack of smaller Celtic cakes (trust me you'll be amazed and a hero) and something big to finish and I'm sure he'll be delighted to look after you to turn you from supermarket stuff.
  14. Or I could go to Latifs in Stoke :D I never knew that was there! I shall pop in tommorrow, and maybe make a road trip to Chorlton. Cheers!
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    Is there? Lol!!
  16. Tiltman

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    Well if its latifs then buy all the primed pyro you can!
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  17. Just watched the video online of the primed pyro.

    Ohhhhhh Yeah....
  18. Tiltman

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    So for your money I'd go for

    One Armed Bandit. £15
    Casino. £15
    Roll the Dice £15
    Waterloo (Benwell) £20
    Lion King (Brothers) £15
    Fireworks Crazy Mini £20

    Thats only £100 - remarkable value.

    Perhaps try a couple of packs of their Ultra mines £15 for 4 mines

    Then £30 on the Sky Raider rockets gets you 2 packs of 10 excellent rockets.

    £15 left to double up on something above or a couple of cone fountains. If you get another one of the Primed pyro pieces theyd make a decent finale fired together with some rockets

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  19. pablo

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    I would go large conic fountain £15 and If you have any spare change rattling around a nice Catherine wheel. The range have some nice cheap x2 brightstar colour wheels for £3.
  20. Agreed with tiltman I went to Latifs today an picked up
    1 x solar flare rockets
    1x war hawk rockets
    1 x cracker ball cake
    2 x Russian roulette cakes
    1x alien fountain
    1 x funky frog fountain
    1 x casino cake
    1 x mighty atom cake
    1x angel dust cake
    4 x sparklers
    All for 98 pounds not bad for a small family budget