Airbombs in lidl

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  1. I'm prob a bit late to the party on this one. But when buying my lunch I found these

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  2. Did you buy a pack to try
  3. not yet.
    was thinking of phoning ts for clarifacation
  4. Why would you do that?
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  5. That's sound way overboard to me without even testing them? Probably just a week colourfull ball
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    I would fire one of mine but I have let 3 boxes off night after night for the last few days so don't want to pee the neighbours off. They say on the back cat F2 no mention of effect that I can see. If they are anything like air bombs I am stocking up!
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    There's video on YouTube. They look OK, I guess. *shrug*
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  8. I think this is one of them as the vid is only 2 days old
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    Those sodding crackles at the end :rolleyes:

    Not a proper air bomb!
  11. ok for £3.99
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    Obviously like a pack of shot tubes rather than actual air bomb
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    They're sailing close to the wind with those, imo.
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  14. Agreed
    Airbomb is a term used to describe a banned firework. So either it is an Airbomb and they are banned or it calling itself an air bomb and it's not an Airbomb. Witch is against trades description.
  15. paul s

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    It's certainly not a good choice of name or effect really.
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  16. With regards to this item I am sure that Lidl a giant supermarket had to liaise with a central trading standards office to register its incoming seasonal stock which in turn is distributed throughout its outlets.

    The effect produced by this firework is a crackle report.

    An air bomb was a miniature mine based effect that produced a loud report with no added effect.

    I am certain that it's a poor choice of product branding.

    A filed stock submission and incoming products itinerary would of been filed for storage classification

    Not worth calling trading standards over a cheap firework that's selling by the hundreds.
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    I don't remember any mines in the old air bombs. They were one-shot roman candles with a report.
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  18. I remember the old Esco Air Bomb repeaters.

    Crikey they were loud!
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    perhaps he means this one pete
    IMG_2085 (1).JPG
  20. I've still got one of those!
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