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  1. Sufjan1986

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    For those who wish to know....TNT once more.

    IMG_4038.JPG IMG_4039.JPG
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    The irony of calling your selection box "Lol!"
  3. They only called it Lol because they aren't allowed to call it "Bollocks"
  4. Si7


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  5. pablo

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    Super excited to get the LOL box!!!!!!
  6. Firework fanatic

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    I cant find the videos of the fireworks on the Aldi website?
  7. kamikersie

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    surely were not after a laugh?
  8. pablo

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    I am planning on buying shot tubes from Aldi, Lidl, Asda and the range and doing a comparison. Some of them are pretty good. The range were selling photon burst x 3 for £1.79 last year and they are double burst, not bad.
  9. The Loud n Clears are good value I think!
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  10. pablo

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  11. pablo

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    so picked these two up for comparison against Weco box for £7.99. Having fired some of the Weco box some of the fountains were so over packaged it was even worse than Morrison's. One of the fountains lasted 2 seconds, what a joke.

    Hopefully these will be better, from what I remember the Astro for £5 wasn't too bad, remember having that 4 years ago. The LOL box claims 14 long duration fountains and one mine, one single shot and two 5 shot candles. The clown fountain is 40 sec duration and the eyes and mouth light up. Might turn out to be okay for a small family.

    certainly glad this isn't for my actual display! My son will enjoy setting these off in the run up though.

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  12. danielpyronutter

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    How much was the lol box?
  13. pablo

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    £9.99, feels fairly heavy around 2kg.
  14. danielpyronutter

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    Looks ok for a tenner
  15. Butler_Fireworks

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    Anyone set of the LOL box yet? I want to get just a crappy selection box prior to the real stuff kicking off...
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  16. just found this

  17. Pyro Pete

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    That video had this one as a suggested watch, looks like the same box, with some items being fired:

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  18. danielpyronutter

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    Well its another box of fountains LOL
  19. Butler_Fireworks

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    be interested tI see that Range comparison one