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  1. I've been "instructed" that the children prefer fountains and that blowing the budget on four of the ranges best cakes is out this year( they scare the younger ones) ..... So......please help.... What are the best fountains out there in the supermarkets.
  2. PyroAsh

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    Brightstar Funky Frogs always seem to be popular with the kids.

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  3. hofnerite

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    Crazy Klock is great for kids as it cycles through various effects. The whistle section is very loud though but only lasts a few seconds. Doubt you'll find it in a supermarket though. Where are you based? There migjt be a sponsor near you

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  4. Billy Brutal

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    Not sure you'll find one in the supermarkets but if you can get your hands on a Brothers Pyrotechnics 'Hokus Pokus' fountain, it's a real crowd pleaser.

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  5. I'm in south Somerset, it's sort of a firework shop desert, so it's mail order ( which is not worth the delivery on my £80 budget) or supermarket offerings......
  6. Thanks pyroash funky frog is definitely on the shopping list.
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  7. biovalve

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    If you have a wyevale garden centre near you you could look at Kimbolton Glittering Gemstones or Jumping Jellybeans :)
  8. If you can get to Taunton, there's a store called Chaplins Superstore, i'm pretty sure they stock Brothers, you could get some good fountains from there i expect :)
  9. The new asda devil fountain looks good
  10. PyroAsh

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    Krazy klock looks great. Never come across it before.

    Another long duration fountain is cosmic extravaganza

  11. Aren't they the ones with the good effects, but truly vile overpackaging?
  12. PyroAsh

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    Yeah, feels like an empty dummie box. But it's actually very good lol.
    They could of made it at least half the size :)
  13. It's a shame, they make a good product then ruin it with the packaging. It gets on my nerves, particularly with fountains
  14. Frosty the Snowman from Benwell looks good:


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  15. Firework fanatic

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    I got some of these from Asda this year. duration is long and effects look good and they are 2 for £10

  16. here's a Asda Devil Fountain

  17. Butler_Fireworks

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    not bad that...
  18. Flying Phoenix is probably the best one you get if you don't mind the same colour! 9 tubes, lots of intensity!