aluminium foil tape

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  1. As this year I'm left stuck for much prep ahead of Nov5th, I might as well ask again, I'm sure it pops up from time to time...
    What's the thinking on cross ignition between cakes? And whether most pro display operators now don't bother foiling?
    I bet they do for competition shows.
    I tend to use a lot of small 16/19/25s large calibre pieces, fanned in fours, on racks I've built myself, where there may only be a few inches between the cakes of one sequence and another. I'm wondering if the paper top, plus typical piece of card underneath, and then waterproofing, is entirely sufficient, and if foiling too is just overkill.
  2. Jon

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    Always take foil off unless it something like a shell cake, never had an issue with cross ignition and most in cake boxes separated by 12mm ply dividers.
  3. starseeker

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    If all your leaders and lift cups are sound then the chance of this happening is pretty slim, i would of thought that there is more chance of cross ignition from any qm joints that are exposed.