Cake/Barrage Ambush Barrage

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  1. RRP: £70 full RRP (seen for half that)
    Category: Cat 3
    Shots: 43
    Duration: 48 sec
    Shape: Straight
    Class: [1.3G or 1.4G] ???
    (A) Red tail burst to brocade crown and crackling willow and red stars and silver wave
    (B) Red tail burst with green glitter and purple stars
    (C) Red tail burst with red stars and white glitter
    (D) Red tail crown burst and crackling stars with yellow palm and white glitter
    (E) Brocade burst blue and white glitter with red brocade
    (F) Red burst and red chrysanthemum

    Video comments: Supplied by the importer.

    Come across this on Bright Stars youtube channel..
    Nice, what you guy's think, pretty nice bursts!
  2. hofnerite

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    Looks nice but I'd like to see it in person. It looks like there is some strange zooming going on it that video, probably to make the breaks look bigger. Also with a lot of manufacturer videos including this one, they put a star filter on the lens. If you pause the vid and look at the small white stars, they are "X" shaped. Another classic way to improve the look of an effect by making it look more sparkly.

    Review night videos are a better way to judge a firework unless you can see it in the flesh.
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  3. Looks great. But I too noticed some strange camera movements. Will sit on the fence until someone confirms this to be a good 'un!
  4. Looks great and is part of their Connoisseur range for 2012 and priced at £69.99. Would be nice to see it at a review night first
  5. i think the barrage box's are decently good from Brightstar definitely the sonic shock-wave from JTF. I went to the demo night on the 12th and they used this Ambush Barrage for a finally for a 6min show they did tbh i wasn't that much impressed at all with it just my opinion though :)
  6. danielpyronutter

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    Saw this fired at galactic and very impressed
  7. Madfish

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    Video shows mixed firing, straight, shots left, shots right, straight, Z then fan
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    Why resurrect this thread after nearly four years?
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    Sorry victor meldrew didn't know I had broken your rules commented on the firework as I had just seen it fired
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    Hahaha! Fair enough.
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