Cake/Barrage Angel Dust

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  1. Angel Dust
    20 SHOTS
    Cat 2
    Angel Dust - Chorlton Fireworks.JPG


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  2. That looks pretty amazing!! Thank god for any and all new quiet single effect cakes on the market!
  3. I think the camera-person was a bit surprised also with the first shot. :D

    (edited to make it all PC..)
  4. lol ...... yeah think he was .... but not for the next 2 we fired :)

  5. danielpyronutter

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    That looks great and great value
  6. beeney

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    Could be used to fill lower levels of your finale and good price
  7. hofnerite

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    Because it's not very high, I am imagining mounting them horizontally on poles over three sites. Hmmmm
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  8. It's a lot higher than you think
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  9. Tiltman

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    Very very nice S!
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  10. hofnerite

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    Aah, ok.... My site is 200m wide though. ;)
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  11. danielpyronutter

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  12. paul s

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    It's really good to see 'real' footage that is comparable with China samples. Well done Brothers. :cheers:
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  13. I actually think it is better than the Brothers footage.
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  14. Catesbysrevenge

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    Bought these today. Absolute bargain! Will be fab for the quiet section.
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  15. These will go great with Celtic or Jorge Horse tail fan barrages . Horse tails high falling down to meet the tops of the mines .......... :chaplin:
  16. danielpyronutter

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    Do Celtic do horsetails what one is it Saj?
  18. Krony

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  19. Cullann

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    At last, a successor to Faeries from Hell. Shame it ends with crackles instead of the weird whistling noise, but you can't have everything I suppose.

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  20. SydB

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    With a Zeus Blast Off comet cake:

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