Anyone Have An 18+ Cue System For Sale?

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  1. Does anyone have a basic 18+ cue firing system for sale per chance? Ideally nothing fancy and second-hand or ex-display of sorts to keep costs down.
  2. If you get nothing second hand I would highly recommend @Wireless Fireworks for basic systems and any ignitors/fuse you may require.

    And also @Wireless Pyro Solutions check out the WPSTiny a little more money (I think) but expandable in the future
  3. Have already taken a look at those two and they do offer good value, however they don't seem to offer anything at around 18 cues. 12 is just too small, whilst 24 will never get used o_O

    I thought that the WPS Tiny can only be expanded by purchasing a second WPS Tiny (i.e. the remote only has 12 buttons for starters)?
  4. WPS tiny has the option to be used with WPS mote - therefore you can expand your system with any of the modules - WPS tiny/hobby/pro and use one remote to control all of them. Furthermore, WPS mote also allows you to use the advanced features, such as scripting, remote battery/continuity check and more.
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  5. But next year you know the budget will go up Sothis years 18 cue sweet spot will be 22 next year, and a really annoying 25 the year after :rolleyes:
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  6. Jon

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    And then like myself you will be struggle to shoot a small backyard show with 72 cues....believe me, it will happen!
  7. Charlie

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    18 / 24 it's a bit of splitting hairs? I can't see there would be a difference in price for a like for like system. If you really really really want 18 cues go Cobra otherwise go with @Wireless Fireworks or @Wireless Pyro Solutions as mentioned above and be happy with 24 cues :)
  8. This year I've got 79 individual pieces firing over 54 cues on 3 cobra modules, bit of fast visco and quick match :)
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  9. Tbf, I'd obviously be happy with 24 cues, and chances are they may very well get used. However, my budget is that of a WPSTiny, which doesn't offer enough cues on its own... Hence looking for a used system :).
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  11. Bung

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    WPS the route to go down, or firestorm. You will struggle to get a good firing system with 24 cues for the price of a standard WPS tiny. Even used would cost more than a ton 20.
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  12. :goodpost: could you use 12 cues+fuse this year then save to upgrade next year?
  13. K9Girl

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    Oh how I chuckled............:p
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  14. I am likely to have a spare cue or two for my display section this year... rockets.
  15. pyropez

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    Yes not many on here would use all twelve cues!
  16. So how do you guys deal with 15 cakes or so? Do you just set some of the smaller ones off simultaneously under one cue?
  17. How does this work?
  18. Pyromagic

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    I don't think I've ever fired 12 cues

    Normally 62 or higher
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  19. Check out some of the how to guides on fusing. If your firing two of the same thing, super simple just use some quick visco(like normal firework fuse but fast burning). Otherwise use regular visco as a time delay :)