Anyone know what Aldi Fireworks are like?

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  1. Had a customer today that reckons he went to Aldi and bought a cake that weighed "A tonne". I am presuming it is full of clay.

    I have a friend that works at Felixstowe port and he was telling me that a 40ft HQ container full of a similar company to Aldi had only 1440 kg NEC in it. That is basically a container of air.
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    Only had the LOL and Astro box but thought they were pretty good for the money. Would be interesting to fire some more of their stuff.
  4. I always wanted to do a supermarket vs year round specialist comparison video. Take £50 in to one of each, ask their advice :cool:, try haggle and film what I got from each in comparison. Just can't justify £100 on a video for a bit of fun lol