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  1. Just heard no pumpkin this year. Not sure how 100% true this is. Soon as I can find a store with leaflets I'll let you know.
  2. Just saw a brief picture of the leaflet on Facebook,it's boring old TNT again!
  3. In fairness quite a few sponsers sell TNT
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    TNT don't do mad loud, salute laden stuff @Peter Mackett won't be interested and will think them all 'boring' :p
  5. You are quite right!,if it don't bang,whistle or hum,i don't want it,lol!
  6. Just seen a version of asda's leaflet. No pumpkin fountain
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    Whistles and hums during the bang stage is not good. :wub:
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  8. Here's this years leaflet.

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    Not too bad for a fiver.
  11. I popped into my store. No leaflets. Where did you find that one.
  12. That was in Rayleigh Essex.
  13. They had leaflets in Paignton yesterday
  14. 3 portfires for a quid too
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    Well not bad, all the essential items are worth getting. The 2 for 1 is okay for very small children although the selection box is not very good, I would definitely recommend sparkling treasure though. Deep space 4 were really good for the money but I think they have gone up by a quid and they may have changed them. They use to be really pokey and a nice effect. Anyone looking for a quality selection box go to a sponsor, instead I would buy:

    Deep space 4

    100 shot missile cake

    Fountain, either sparkling treasure or the other one.



    Get a decent selection box from somewhere else and a half decent small display for not much. I have found Sponsors sometimes unable to match supermarket prices on good small pieces so definitely worth hunting out bits.

    Not worth getting any bigger bits, sponsors do some really good deals on packs in £25-£100 so no brainer........
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    I think it always will be TNT at ASDA. TNT supplies Walmart in the USA & ASDA is a subsidiary of Walmart.

    I'd just started crewing for Millennium Pyrotechnics as TNT bought the company. I think TNT did that to get a ready made entry into the UK market - licenced stores, staff, supply network etc. - so that it could quickly and easily get established as ASDA's firework supplier. My 1st pro-display was doing a TNT demo at an ASDA store... the full ASDA retail range with a nice cat4 display to finish with. Sadly, in my opinion, TNT didn't keep the Millennium brand or product lines. It also sold the display side of the business.
  17. Yes,Millennium never really had time to get established before they were taken over,a few shops round here had started stocking them and i have one of the original catalogues here and a couple of rockets,shame as they had a good range of fireworks many that i never got to see,Black Cat did the same with Standard,a way to get into the domestic market at the expense of the original company,hardly any independent shops stock this range now,they concentrated too much on supplying supermarkets.
  18. Nothing in my local asda today, maybe they've gave up. :rolleyes:
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