Astra Galatic Storm

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  1. Just found a box of two of these , any idea what year they was around , also any collectors interested PM me an offer,

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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Looks nice glenn
  3. I remember firing some of these years ago , they were awesome so decided to save a couple back , also found other bits like golden lion original sky monkey , old brightstar small firecracker 1996 to name a few, will put pictures up soon of ALL old range for anyone who would need these pieces for their collection
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  4. Here are some more items I have for sale if anyone is interested

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  5. He is a picture of the back of the Cosmic 19 shot Armageddon

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  6. danielpyronutter

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    Nice bet that's pokey
  7. Not as pokey as the Galactic Storm,old spec 1.3 ,very LOUD these were my Favorites from years ago,the same goes for the Star Bombard
  8. Interesting label on the Armageddon. I thought I'd had that cake and thought it was huge titanium salutes.
  9. I believe this is the later version your one is the earlier one with the titanium salutes
  10. Yes,that is the later Armageddon after they decided to change it and in my opinion,for the worse!,used to be my favourite firework when it was a 19 shot titanium salute cake!
  11. Devils Wrath Mines and Star Bombard have now been sold , but all items are still available any more interested just PM me,
  12. Just to let you know Devils Wrath Mines and Star Bombard are now sold but still have other items available from pictures
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  13. Dave1.3

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    @Lets Party Fireworks How much for the banshee thunder rockets and the star wars cakes? Been absolutely dying to get my hands on those banshees, Bring back so many memories!
  14. Hi There

    make me a offer on both them items please
  15. Tiltman

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    Are those galactic storms gone? Can't find a video? Any idea what the effects are?
  16. Still available 1.3 g old spec very loud and loads of different effects that I can remember from years ago when i fired them
  17. paul s

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    Cosmic Mercury!...........those old Cosmic boxes were the best on the market in terms of proper, garden fountains.
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  18. Dave1.3

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    Would you take £10 for the banshee thunder rockets glen? Providing you still have them.
  19. Yes mate I would , also got lots of sky avenger rockets ,1995
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  20. Sufjan1986

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    They're in now then?!
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