Belvoir Castle

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  1. abigman

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    Anyone going tomorrow nite ?

    It's within easy striking distance for me, and I'm free so definitely tempted plus I want to see MLE's lasers again (hopefully without the smoke).
  2. PyroAsh

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    Got my tickets :)
  3. PyroAsh

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    Real bad luck for team 1 tonight. They lost their music 30 seconds in and had to pause the show. Did really well to pick it back up when sound was restored though. I thought it was a close call between teams 1 and 3 myself.
  4. Blimey, between 1 and 2 even after their issues.
    3 must of been really poor?
  5. PyroAsh

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    Between 1 and 3 locky.
    Team 3 actually won.
    I voted team 1, it was a fault on one of mle's generators that took the sound out. Nothing to do with the team.
  6. Sorry, 1 & 3. Must be gutting to have 'outside factors' effecting your show.
  7. PyroAsh

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    Yeah. They restarted the show and had 30 seconds of black sky before the show kicked off again.
    Two tigers were the winners by the way.
    Don't know which numbers the other teams got.
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  8. AtomFireworks

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    Team 3 did it for me! Such a shame for team 1, I couldnt imagine how gutting it must feel, especially when the tech fault is not theirs.

    As a bonus there was no rain!! And MLE's ground marrons were frickin loud
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  9. PyroAsh

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    Yeah, no rain really helped with the turnout!
    Those queues for the toilets!!!
    Those maroons really shook you, even way across the lake.
    Did you notice the swan that flew straight through the firing site? Poor thing nearly got shot down :eek:
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  10. PyroAsh

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    Closing display. Not my video, all credit to author.

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  11. abigman

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    Was a great nite ! First time I've been to this venue which is fabulous. Massive turnout, weather good.

    Enjoyed all the displays - felt sorry for team 1 who suffered from technical issues with the sound system - after a little delay they restarted.

    Team 3 deserved winners - got my vote - some innovative use of wheels and set pieces which was good to see.

    MLE's lasers were on top form and I noticed some kid in the crowd with a purple laser that was duelling with MLE's lasers - where do I get one ?

    Saw the swan fly across the firing site and thought at the time maybe it was a goose ?

    Mind blowing finale display from @MLE Pyrotechnics very impressed.

    Usual expected mayhem at leaving time with thousands of cars converging on pinch points - I came prepared with a thermos of coffee which I drank whilst exiting.

    This venue definitely on my list for next year.
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  12. Brett Masters

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    For clarity, the technical issue wasn't with the sound system, it was a generator fault. It was very unfortunate but through a high level of support systems we have in place and the plan we have in place with the MLE team, we recovered very quickly - in about 1/4 of the time it would of taken without. There was a spare generator which was brought online ready and changed between teams 1 & 2 with only 90 seconds of downtime.

    A great event and the efforts of everyone involved really do show.
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  13. DannyB

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    So which companies were teams 1-3?
  14. PyroAsh

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    All I know is Two Tigers were team 3
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  15. PyroAsh

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    Can't find whole show but here's a taster...

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  16. By far NOT the official video's (and not by me)...

    Team 1 - Gala Fireworks

    Team 2 - Magic and Miracle

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  17. Two lovely shows well done to both
  18. scoops

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    M&M's finale tune was a stunning piece of pyro design imo.
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  19. PyroAsh

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    Another section from team 3's display.