Bengal Matches- what happened?

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  1. What actually happened to Bengal Matches? Where they outlawed for sale individually? I havn't seen them on sale for a long time in fireworks shops.

    For those who have never seen them, they were basically like sparklers, but shaped more like a match (and struck like a match, if I remember) which burnt with a bright, usually coloured, flame for a few seconds.
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    I wonder if they were simply reclassified as pyro/fireworks so shops could not stock them without a licence? You can still buy weatherproof matches though I think.

    Someone was telling me today that even good old caps for cap guns are hard to find these days.

    Christmas crackers and party poppers will be the next thing to go!
  3. Yeah- there are still weatherproof matches around -I have some army issue ones- basically just extra chunky matches. The notable thing about a good Bengal Match was the flare like effect- burning read or gree etc.
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  5. I saw those too -they look decent, but from the video it appears to be more like a simple burning match than the typical flare/colour of an old fashioned Bengal Match.

    Presumably too these have the 1m indoor safety distance- "old fashioned" bengals were hand held!
  6. The military issue phos matches we used to get in the brew kit of our rat packs you can still buy, light one at night and look at your fingers after, they leave behind a greeny blue phosphorescent residue!
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  9. Can picture the text on the back of a box of swan vestas in time to come,

    'wearing neccessary PPE, strike match at arms length and retire immediatley'
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    OK....... had a bit of play time...... :D

    Since my 3 13 (going on 14) year olds + a couple of their friends were around, I tried some of these out with them. I did the lighting - the instructions say "not to be used by children under 18".

    The Bengal Matches burn orange and go like the video, but are hand held.
    The winning firework was Snakes Alive, but the rest also pleased. So they get a :D

    Magic Autumn Leaves intrigued the children and they liked the way our fan burned to leave what looked like a fern leaf. Puff The Magic Dragon was good in a darkened room with a bright torch shone onto the smoke rings and puffs it produced. The children sussed that Disco Inferno's flame did a subtle colour change before each strobe and had fun watching carefully and predicting the strobes - could be a science learning lesson in that one. Hocus Pocus went down rather well (although the ones I remember from my childhood created more volcanic ash and former more of a mountain) - especially in the dark. It needs to be in the middle of a dinner plate because it can throw sparks off a tea plate. Sizzling Strobes and Flash Gordon were a bit samey, same green flame, but Sizzling had a bit of sizzle noise.

    Just don't use any of these fireworks in a room with a smoke detector - thankfully I thought of that before lighting anything!
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    Surprisingly enough, I have seen caps on sale at car boot sales that stated that they were fireworks, for sale to over 18's only!!! How mad is that?!
    Which would explain why you don't generally see them in shops anymore as you need a fireworks license! Crazy!
  12. Sounds like they are Storm matches, rather than Bengals, which usually burn with a red or green flame. (According to Wikipedia, anyway)
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  14. Did yout throw the packet in or split it? I cut one open and scattered the salts over the entire fire, reduces the duration of the effect but its far more intense!

    If you make your own candles you bung some of the salt in the molten wax, makes the candle a it more interesting :)
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    Just throw the packet on the fire, great colours, like burning the cakes after a bash but without the surprise bangs...
  16. Daft question, what are bengal matches used for?
  17. I suppose it's just like saying what is any firework used for- fun, I suppose.
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    I always used to have them back in the heyday when i was a kid. I have about nine boxs that i have obtained via Ebay. I reluctant to strike any though. They can only increase in value. :D