Bengal Matches

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  1. Well not really fireworks, but I was gifted these some time ago.. I see a post or two with the odd box on, I've already used 3 or 4 boxes and thought nothing of it- I didn't realise they were of yesteryear, but hey - Thats what they we're made for right? Theres still plenty to go at.. ^^
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    Bengal Matches

    A few other nice old examples. Shame they disappeared........

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    It'd be great to see bengal matches come back onto the shelves. They're not a banned firework, so why can't they be put back into production?
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    It would be great. Octavius Hunt used to produce them up to a few years ago but even they have stopped now.
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    What was the deal with" bengal matches should never be kept with fireworks" which used to be on some brochures guys? Was it a chemical thing??
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    I guess it could be something to do with a general safety caution to prevent minors finding the easy way to start a fire thus causing a potential disaster. I doubt that it'd be something chemical.
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  9. I would love to have a box for my private collection, are you up for selling a box?

    Sad thing is I remember them more the the fireworks from my childhood, - the early to mid 1960's

    They could go with my Jumping Jacks, Mini Rockets and other toys.
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    They often appear on Ebay.
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    I just contacted that German company and they are unable to ship out of Germany unless it's in a large quantity to a registered firework company.
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    Then maybe some of the sponsor firework retailers on here could buy some in bulk so that we can purchase off them :D
  14. Wow. So sorry about this G-Force, Really I am! I had a lot of issues with my tech in general back just after I made this and I never even saw that anyone had posted replies to me here.. So a message long overdue by well over a year now; Did you ever manage to pick up any of these at all?
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    hi guys

    it,s an older topic , but i like to say , if you like bengal matches , they are somethimes available in Germany .

    these ones on the pictures i buy last month , amazing items.

    the have diffrents sorts . old an new ones , but they are real , no dummies .

    greetings johan

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