Best place to get fireworks near Edinburgh?

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  1. hi,

    Is their any good firework shops near Edinburgh or any sponsors that deliver here? Also what shop do people recommend?

  2. paul s

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    I believe there is a shop just near the forth at south queensferry. The one and only afaik......but not cheap. A delivery from someone on here may prove better.
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  3. Edinburgh fireworks store have some decent stuff, af's shop in Hillington is good or if you're prepared to travel a bit then arctic fireworks in Motherwell have a good range of different brands, not sure if they deliver though.
  4. Yeah looked at Edinburgh firework store but seems very expensive! Epic fireworks deliver, do they offer UKIF deals?
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Try they do a free delivery service over a certain amount and do a discount.
    Speak to Nigel if possible
  6. Billy Brutal

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    Hi @bigfatbin, I'm sure a few sponsors will deliver if you're spending a bit. What's your budget?
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    Best place to get fireworks near Edinburgh?

    Castleford or Bamber Bridge :D
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  8. I find the shops up here are a bit pricey but getting a wee bit better.
    I still get the bulk of my stuff from sponsors on here. Spoiled for choice really. Some great deals out there especially for UKFR members.
    If I need a few extra last minute bits and pieces I usually pop along to The Edinburgh Fireworks Shop near Hopetoun House. They also do UKFR discount.