Cake/Barrage Big Mamma

Discussion in 'Celtic Fireworks' started by Chorlton Fireworks, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Big Mamma

    Category: Cat3
    Shots: 100
    Duration: 65sec
    Hazard: 1.3G

  2. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Supports UKFR

    Very nice the video I've seen for this already did it no justice at all. Is this filmed by you Saj? It looks a blinder
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  3. yes filmed by us pal....... real nice...... Real punchy
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  4. beeney

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    great cake, as above this is one videos can not do justice, used this in my display gfn and was well impressed with it, has a place in every type of display me thinks
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  5. Best firework I have fired from the Celtic range, this is a true display in a box, the highlight of big mamma is when it W fires, it really is a stunning firework this.