Big Standard Rockets

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    IMG_2477.JPG IMG_2479.JPG IMG_2480.JPG IMG_2482.JPG IMG_2484.JPG IMG_2485.JPG IMG_2486.JPG IMG_2488.JPG IMG_2487.JPG Here we have a selection of the larger Standard Rockets from my collection....from Size 9 thru to Size 20.
    These rockets are iconic insofar as they are recognised as being some of best loved Fireworks of all time.
    The shape of the pointed capped star container is truly great and instantly recognisable.
    They were in production from the late 1920's until Black Cat took them over and were then phased out to be replaced with the hideous current plastic versions.
    These rockets were renouned for a massively powerful lift...and a correspondingly slightly disappointing small star burst pattern.
    Nevertheless they were and are regarded as a seminal piece of pyrotechny.
    From the massive Size 20's...Chain of parachute stars...and the other greats of that size..down to the flat topped shrapnel types..and then the Size 9's.Interestingly marked Size 9 apart from the very very rare 6/- marked one.
    And finally an interesting and quite rare now the Size 9 (ish!) plain cardboard display rocket.
    These were in flights for public displays.I used to fire these in flights of 25..match linked in our public shows in the 1960's.
    Well there we are .....enjoy!!;)
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    Great stuff, thanks for posting this :)
  3. Richard Lane

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    It's a pleasure Pete...
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    Thanks Richard, what a collection of stunners, would give my right arm for those, 1960s through to 1980s, the standard just goes to show how the standard designs never changed for decades, love the old British stuff, those are proper rockets in my opinion, not like the farty stuff nowadays.
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    Elegance in a box, beautiful....all of them.

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. I still have several of these in my collection,never seen the size 20 Snakes and Whistles though,i have three of the Parachute ones and two Snowflake and Red Stars,the size 15 Shrapnel,Tadpoles,Snakes and Whistles,the size 12 Rubies and Emeralds and Snowflakes and the size 9 Electric Stars,great rockets sadly missed!
  7. Richard Lane

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    Thanks Guys...
  8. Lovely stuff! I have seen the uncovered ones before - were these provided in the larger display kits or only to Standard's own display teams? Also, does anyone remember the effect of the snowflake stars? I never got around to having one of those when they were available. These all look like firework rockets should. Many thanks for posting.
  9. Snowflake stars were a white feathery effect that dropped quite slowly,a bit like the way snow does actually fall,nothing really like it today.
  10. These are excellent! What are the dimensions of that brown rocket? motor length dia and overall length with heading please?
    Do you know what bore tube is used?
  11. Richard Lane

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    Hi the brown rocket.... Motor length 160 mm..I suspect the taper within the load space terminates at approx 100 mm.....overall length 285 mm...bore 18 mm with a choke of approx 6mm.
  12. Excellent, thanks for that, they sure are beauties :)

  13. Richard Lane

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  14. Has anyone an idea of the comp for the snowflake star? I was thinking that it may have been a falling leaves effect where the composition in pasted on paper but looking at the conical heading then I doubt it as I don't think they would load easily into that shape. If it was a cylindrical heading like the one used in whistles and snakes or cosmic explorer then more likely. Anyway just wondered. Perhaps it was just a white glitter??

  15. Snowflakes were a slow falling bright white star which sort of floated down,you don't really see anything like it now.
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    Potassium nitrate 35

    Barium nitrate 16

    Sulphur 9

    Antimony trisulphide 13

    Charcoal 9

    Aluminium 10

    Dextrin 8

    That's the best you will get to the formula
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    Wouldn't the barium make them green?
  18. No, barium produces excellent whites unless chlorine is present in the flame then barium produces green. There is no chlorine donor in this formula such as PVC, parlon etc

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  19. malta pyro

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    That is correct.
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    I've just been reading an interesting paper on green formulations which are barium and chlorine free, based on tneb and boron carbide, supposedly greener than traditional barium formulations. Better for the environment too, apparently ☺.