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  1. Hi Chaps,

    I can't seem to find the Mars Pyrotechnics Boneshaker anywhere apart from on their site. Any got a scooby doo where they disappeared to?
  2. Up in smoke I'd imagine. I really can't see anyone have them in stock until this year's stock touches down, I reckon we'll be taking our stock in September/October.
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  3. plenty of PS1's or Thunderous finales for a maximum impact, or even mars godfathers set, but don't buy granddads, there pants and blow up.....:confused:
  4. Essex Fireworks

    Essex Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    well having fired loads off these have not had one blow up and all fired fine
  5. I had a comment on my Boneshaker Youtube video from a supplier who said they would be stocking Boneshaker from late September.
  6. hmm, I must of had a wet one then eh.......:rolleyes: