Cake/Barrage Breakout

Discussion in 'Absolute Fireworks' started by jezzadw, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. RRP £26.99 (2016)
    CE Cat 2
    49 shot (371g NEC)
    Fired at my 2016 display

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  2. paul s

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    I think Breakout is an excellent stand alone piece for £25. I sold it full price and felt it represented good value. The number of shots, duration, mix of effects and overall quality makes for a really decent small SIB.
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  3. Butler_Fireworks

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    I would like to add, colours are good but not much power at all with not much height.
  4. At 17 metres it looked high to me
  5. paul s

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    Remember this is not a big bore, kick ass cake; it would be lost in the middle of a large display.

    It's role is more of a stand alone 'low' cost job, or to maybe to round off a small scale display. Horses for courses really. :)
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  6. Exactly. It was my finale cake for my garden display.
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  7. Good value peice I like that it's not a single effect firework. Looks better in the flesh than in the video as with all fireworks. For the price it's a fantastic garden firework. Make sure it is viewed from 8 meters and secure though as it is a high performance fast paced piece and you will be in big trouble if it falls over.
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  8. @Rob perry I'd probably double that viewing distance on the 8m cakes, not just as a safety precaution. With cakes, especially the more premium Celtic, Klasek etc. I find that the 8m ones are more enjoyable viewed from around 20m distance.
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  9. You are right I should have said At least 8 meters but further to enjoy a better view and be safe. Was looking at something while I was typing about people ignoring safety distances and being hurt.
  10. danielpyronutter

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    I fire everything at least 25 metres but usually 40-50 metres although fountains and wheels I think should be closer 25 metres max