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    Lots of questions about buying fireworks and Sponsor deals so time for a FAQ to bring all the useful info into one place :)

    Q. What is a Sponsor?

    A. A Sponsor is a fireworks related company (a retailer, display company or supplier of other services like firing systems) who pays to advertise here on UKFR, thus supporting our community's running costs. So we in turn support them by working a little more closely than just showing banner adverts, hence the term "Sponsor". Some Sponsors are very active in the forum and some are not, but all are valuable contributors to the site.

    Q. Where's my nearest Sponsor and can you recommend a Sponsor in a particular area?

    A. Have a look at our handy Sponsor map:

    Newbies often don't realise that many Sponsors also offer a delivery service, so if your budget is reasonable (say a few hundred pounds or more), you don't necessarily need to find a local supplier.

    If you don't have a Sponsor near you and can't do mail order for whatever reason, by all means ask in the forum for recommendations - be sure to say where you are or add this to your profile's location field - we're happy for members to recommend non-sponsors providing the recommendation is genuine and they're not connected to the retailer in question. You may also find Google and useful for searches.

    Q. Is there a list of deals and discounts that Sponsors offer members?

    A. We don't have a "master list" of Sponsor deals as Sponsors were not keen on this, thinking it might lead to price wars and the likes as everyone tried to out-do everyone else. Also, not every Sponsor offers discounts and it is not a requirement to do so to advertise here.

    That said, there's a few things you can do to check if a Sponsor has a publicised discount rate or deal. First have a look at their member profile as many add this information here. Second, we encourage Sponsors to post their latest news and offers in our Buy Fireworks forum. You can visit the forum by clicking here and the latest posts from that forum are also summarised on the top right of the main forum page.

    Many Sponsors now have a specific section of their website offering special rates to UKFR Forum members. You usually need to contact them and "sign up" with them on their own websites to see these prices.

    Q. Is it OK to ask other members to suggest the best deal for my budget?

    A. Yes of course. Feel free to post up your location, your budget, whether you want delivery or a store you can visit and any other useful info. We encourage our members to help consumers find the best deals and best fireworks. All we ask is this is not misused by retailers to spam, so we ask retailers (including Sponsors) not to respond to threads with deals and discounts as this often leads to quite spammy threads and tit-for-tat price wars!

    Q. Is it OK to post up my budget or order and ask Sponsors to "best deal me"?

    A. We don't encourage it. We've tried it in 2014 but it didn't go down too well with most Sponsors. This is because it's a type of thread that encourages price wars, bun-fights and spammy content. It was felt - and we agree - that a succession of posts from Sponsors trying to out-do each other isn't helpful to the forum at large. It also disadvantages those Sponsors who support the site but who do not read every individual post. Sponsors felt they were being "played off" against each other by some members.

    So you will need to contact Sponsors yourself privately with your requirements then if you would like quotations. We may lock or remove any threads which appear to be soliciting for quotes or "best deals". If we lock such a thread, Sponsors are of course still welcome to contact you privately, however, be aware you will get much less of a response than if you're pro-active and contact Sponsors yourself.

    Q. Some sponsors don't publicise a discount or deal, should I ask anyway?

    A. Actually most Sponsors who don't publicise a discount will still be keen to help if they can. Many prefer to see first of all what the size of the order is or whether it's for collection or delivery (which can have a massive impact on their costs) so will deal with each member on an individual basis.

    If you do ask a Sponsor for a deal - be nice about it. Sponsors are under no obligation to discount and are more likely to respond to enquiries which appear genuine and have enough information in them to make an informed decision. So always tell a Sponsor your budget and whether you will be collecting or want delivery.

    Q. Someone has posted asking for recommendations for a Sponsor, there are none in their area but there is a good fireworks shop near them that isn't a Sponsor, can I recommend it?

    A. Providing the recommendation is genuine and neither of you are connected with the company in question this is fine. However we do get many sock puppet accounts and sham threads at this time of year, so if either side of this sort of thread is posted by new members with no posting history, we may moderate it if we think it's a fake endorsement.

    Q. For those offering delivery, are there any restrictions?

    A. Yes. Those using a national courier to deliver will be subject to the usual restrictions such as higher costs to remote areas (or no delivery at all), mainland only, no deliveries over holiday periods like Christmas to New Year and so on. There is usually a minimum order too (it can cost > £100 to ship some firework orders, believe it or not, so retailers take a hit when they offer standard or free delivery). Those doing their own van deliveries can be more flexible, but often deliver less often, or have to group deliveries on particular runs. The simplest answer to this then is ask the retailer. Whatever you do, don't - and I mean DON'T - contact a retailer on November 4th wanting next day delivery. No really, we will have to come around your house and throw wet fireworks at you if you do.

    Q. I've had good service from a Sponsor, how can I feed this back to members?

    We encourage you in this case to start a thread and consider posting a photo of your fireworks (a "stash shot") to say thanks to your supplier.

    Q. I have sent a message to a Sponsor but not had a reply, what should I do?

    A. Some Sponsors are incredibly busy during silly season and others don't check into the forum that regularly. If you don't get a response you could try emailing or phoning them directly.

    Q. Where can I find a list of all UKFR Sponsors?

    Have a look at these pages on the main site: - a global list of most Sponsors - list of Sponsors registered on this forum with at least one post, in case you want to message them through the forum.

    Specialist pages for specific requirements: - mail order - professional displays - wedding displays - firing systems - wholesalers - Cat 4 (trade only) - suppliers of fuse

    Q. It looks like I will be buying from supermarket or other high street chain, any advice?

    A. Have a look at our sub-forum specialising in that side of the market:

    There is a post in that forum with good advice, click here to read it.
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