Cob coalin

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  1. Hello all hope you had a great time and have survived intact and unsinged. When I was a kid in Tameside Manchester we used to go around the houses Cob Coalin which was like Carol singing but doing it for firework money instead. Did anyone else do it or something similar? and does it still happen. Here is a chap singing the one closest to what we used to sing Falee dee fally dah.

  2. So 68 views and 0 comments must have just been us then
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    LOL - not something I've heard of :)
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    Never heard of it!
  5. Must be a Northern thing ;)
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    I've never heard of it and I grew up in the north west - when was this practice popular ? 1950's ?
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    The thought of you singing about phallic doo dahs Steve....:eek: :D
  8. Steve m8 whatever your on ..... I’ll have some !!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    This I reckon.......,
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  11. We were doing it in the late 70s early 80s
  12. Charlie

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    Stems from coal mine communities then?
  13. Possibly Charlie,There was a pit in the 1700s we did used to play on the pit hills although the pits had long gone. Denton my home town was more known for Hatting than anything else.
  14. Always thought it was copper, as in spare change...
  15. Pyromania

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    Is it just ‘Cold Calling’ - but lost in translation when said in a Mancunian accent?? :whistle:
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