Cake/Barrage Colossus

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  1. RRP. £99.00
    Shots 80
    EU CAT 3
    1.3G Meshed to 1.4G
    Spectator Safety Distance 25m
    Duration 30 seconds
    Manufacturer / Importer Planet Fireworks
    Availability July / August 2015
    Filmed in China

    Awesome wide angles and huge breaks from this heavyweight barrage. Brocade pine tails fire up to gold brocade bursts that fill the sky in a jaw dropping fast firing Z pattern for an amazing 30 seconds.

  2. Very nice ..... but I would like to see it filmed once its in the UK
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  3. We will post updated video's as soon as we can
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  4. Filmed by us on 23/10/2015. There was a slight wind blowing from left to right. We also lit the wrong fuse, so the final volley went first. :oops: Sorry

  5. Pyromania

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    :areyousure: :p

    Finally a UK video of this product! Looks pretty good...:)
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  7. Catesbysrevenge

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  8. Looks like 25mm, possibly more.
  9. Pyro Pete

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    Approx. 25mm internal bore.
  10. Catesbysrevenge

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    Many thanks gents
    It looks nice
  11. K9Girl

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    Just some info re the above, if timing is important, the visco is very long! I preped mine today, after e-matching mine I lit the visco and timed it - 12 seconds o_O So if you're using talons you are going to want to talon close to the tube entry point ;)
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  12. hofnerite

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    Is there no QM inside? :(
    Loving all these Celtic cakes with QM tucked away.
  13. K9Girl

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    Nope, just a looonnng piece of green visco, I think it's so long because they have the fuse on top, running all the way to the bottom of the tube, which is very long too :)
  14. hofnerite

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    Shame. Looks like I'll be cutting mine open then.
  15. K9Girl

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    I've done that with 30+ cakes today :p
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  16. wilkins1kc

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    Just prepping one for tomorrow.....thanks for posting this.
    As you described it runs top to bottom >20cm
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  17. K9Girl

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    Yep, mine timed out at 12 seconds ;)
  18. drummer73

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    Handy to know as I'm firing 2 tomorrow.
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  19. hofnerite

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    Great firework! Very wide and sky filling.
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