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  1. I'm havinga problem with my wife's laptop. Dreaded Blue screen appears when i try and shut the laptop down. The following error appears


    Anyone any ideas how to fix this???

    Tried system restore but it didn't correct the problem. Was going to reinstall XP, but alas cant find the CD. lol

    PLEASE HELP, lol its driving me nuts.
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    This is an IRQ problem of the devices installed. Now, since this machine is a laptop... you can't really of added anything internally to cause a conflict... what I would suggest is remove any external hardware, pcmcia cards, usb, serial etc... and see if the laptop boots up then. If not, the only thing I can think of is some internal hardware may have become unseated slightly causing this error. If your laptop has quick access panels on the bottom. I'd remove them and just carefully check that the ram is seated properly, or any expansion cards.

    I had this problem on a friends HP laptop a couple of months back and reinstalling the ram solved the problem.

    Is the laptop still under warranty?
  3. Thanks for your help, will check this when i get home. The laptop was bought just vefore christmas, so it should be under warranty. Will i take it back??