Cosmic Fireworks

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  1. Today's acquisitions by trade:
    IMG_6667.JPG IMG_6674.JPG IMG_6668.JPG IMG_6669.JPG IMG_6670.JPG IMG_6671.JPG IMG_6673.JPG IMG_6672.JPG IMG_6675.JPG IMG_6676.JPG
  2. Table Bombs are ace had some a few years back burnt a hole in my partners christmas table cloth .
  3. I'd like to get some more to try out, they look fun!
  4. TONYB

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    latest cosmic
    IMG_3504.JPG IMG_3567.JPG IMG_3570.JPG
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  5. Like the shooting stars box, got a few loose ones but not the box full.
  6. IMG_6883.JPG
    Had 4/5 of these so fired the one in worst condition.

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  7. Video is on my YouTube channel (JayT1984) if you can't get it to work on here.
  8. Few more items. The Premier kit is very high quality, better than the NG stuff that came later. IMG_7131.JPG IMG_7130.JPG IMG_7133.JPG IMG_7136.JPG IMG_7137.JPG IMG_7138.JPG IMG_7129.JPG IMG_7132.JPG IMG_7134.JPG IMG_7135.JPG
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    That Sohni Esco Green Dragons Crown mine cake would shame many of today's.........20 years on. :cool:
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    Couple of old bits I found today DSC_0062.JPG DSC_0061.JPG
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