Cosmic Fireworks

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  1. Today's acquisitions by trade:
    IMG_6667.JPG IMG_6674.JPG IMG_6668.JPG IMG_6669.JPG IMG_6670.JPG IMG_6671.JPG IMG_6673.JPG IMG_6672.JPG IMG_6675.JPG IMG_6676.JPG
  2. Table Bombs are ace had some a few years back burnt a hole in my partners christmas table cloth .
  3. I'd like to get some more to try out, they look fun!
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    latest cosmic
    IMG_3504.JPG IMG_3567.JPG IMG_3570.JPG
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  5. Like the shooting stars box, got a few loose ones but not the box full.
  6. IMG_6883.JPG
    Had 4/5 of these so fired the one in worst condition.

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  7. Video is on my YouTube channel (JayT1984) if you can't get it to work on here.