Could it be a sign of things to come

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  1. Escht

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    Late last night I received this photo from same guy I had the suitcase of fireworks from.......... saw it on my phone first and honestly thought he had found a fantastic wooden sign........... this morning I noticed the bricks...and before anyone says am I going to dismantle it........... unfortunately the building has been demolished some time ago...........
  2. PyroBoris

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    That's a great sign! Shame it couldn't be salvaged, I'd have gladly had it as part of my garage or house!

    Now where does one go for smallwares these days?
  3. Escht

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    Had I seen it or known about it I would have at least tried to salvage it............. after all its only lego with mortaf in between........
  4. Richard Lane

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    Lovely Stuff you know where it is..?...and it makes you realise how the Wholesale market fitted into the pyro scene of yesteryear the Standard symbol...absolutely fantastic.....
  5. Escht

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    I was told Hopes Carr Stockport, but demolished some years ago........... I would have loved to have been able to buy that wall, dismantle it and save it.... has been done on US Airbases to rescue wartime pin-up art,
  6. Richard Lane

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    Lovely piece of history, shame it couldn't have been salvaged, just shows how big the British fireworks industry was.