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    Yesterday the pieces fell into place.
    The recent Cranes firework find in Bristol area turns out to be all some sick idea of a joke..........
    Started on 11th June this year by a phone call from a ' Victor Crane ' supposedly from the Cranes firework family. Call was by mobile phone and number was not blocked. Story was a great aunt had died leaving a house to be cleared, in this house they had found a huge number of full boxes of Cranes fireworks plus other Cranes related material. 'Victor ' was going back to USA where he now lived the very next day and would be back in touch on his return in July. I left several messages on the mobile number answering machine none of which were returned.
    Then after about 6 weeks ' Victor ' answers my messages, apparently the mobile is one he uses only when in UK , but I am out so he leaves a message on my answering machine saying its Victor back from the States and he had just got my messages and that he would ring me back. When we talk later that day he tells me that everything has been sold to a person known to me and probably a lot of others on this forum.
    I now know the real identity of 'Victor Crane ' as do several other leading collectors.

    Few words of advice for someone trying to make hoax calls

    If you must use your mobile, do remember to block the number before making the call.
    Having not blocked the call it isn't a good idea to have an answering machine that gives out your name and your wifes name.

    When using your std landline number to continue the hoax again you must remember to block the number

    Most important of all........having not blocked your call you really shouldn't leave a message on an answering machine in which you continue to pretend to be ' Victor Crane'. Deniability doesn't really work if you have a distinctive voice............

    I never got around to clearing that message so it is available at any time for me to play to any person who might want to hear it. in fact several have heard it and they all come back with the same name for the real 'Victor '. They have also confirmed to me that the 2 numbers I have for ' Victor Crane ' are this persons number and his wife has same name as that on the mobile answering machine.This person is someone I have heard of but never met nor ever talked to before this started . This person is probably known to a lot of the established collectors on here and also has a firework collection.
    The so called buyer of the non existent hoard turns out to be a good friend of the above, again someone well known to us collectors, he also in answer to some enquiries by others has implicated himself .
    The thing about lying is knowing when to stop.......... these two still don't understand that..
  2. I think in light of the 'prank' you should disclose who these people are, this person clearly made no effort to disguise their identity and revealing their identity in my opinion of nothing less than a good thing for anybody that risks being swindled in the future.
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    There was no swindling, just a waste of my time which does annoy 30 plus years of working in the militaria collectors world I have never come across such stupid, childish behaviour............
    What goes around comes around, some of the biggest collectors in UK now know who these 2 are and what they have been doing...........
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  4. Was there at any point a risk of you losing money?
  5. Escht

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    Apart from wasted time and phone calls no.
  6. Escht

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  7. So in the end, did he just admit that he was pulling a fast one?
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    Hi Escht..

    Cranes may be a new name to a lot of people and in my "Pyro History and family trees" topic I've only got the briefest details

    "Cranes (Bristol)
    Based at Kingswood, Bristol, they were started by I.Crane in 1887.
    Had a major fire in October 1937 which did immeasurable damage to the factory buildings. Closed 1938."

    Do you have any more snippets of info or any pictures I could use to improve the entry?
  9. Escht

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    Last I heard he was still trying to deny it was him, despite the voice recording being linked to his phone number and his voice being recognised by all those who know him.On the message he left he clearly states he is Victor Crane.............all he is doing is making himself look like a complete pratt in the eyes of those who know him.
  10. Escht

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    Hi Andy,
    Nothing really to add, although if you want to message me I can give you more precise info. for Harbots than the info you have currently listed.i spent some time locating the factory and doing an article for Firework Magazine about 18 months ago.
  11. Andy_P

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  12. Escht

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    Never heard anything else about the Cranes firework scam, wonder what ever happened to Victor........ have his voice on file, might be fun to run a who is Victor competition.........what do you reckon........
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  13. Well, an anagram of Victor Crane is Rare Convict. He's probably locked up somewhere.
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  14. Escht

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    That would be poetic justice......
  15. Its not that chap who reads the news on Radio Jessie is it...............
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    A very strange thing to do something like that..Mr Rare Convict sounds like a proper "Merkin".Sad bugger
  17. I heard about this 'joke' through a firework friend and think that I know who these people are. I got all excited when my pal said that there might be Crane stuff for sale for although I have seen a box and have a firework club card, I have never seen any of their fireworks or posters. There was I trying to save up for something that didn't exist: Not funny at all.
  18. Hi All, I found your website today. I was doing some online digging of my family name. I find it funny that you folks were discussing someone attempting to be a Crane. To what end I wonder. Anyhow. I believe I am the last of the male Cranes in this family line. The founder Isaac would have been my great great grandfather. I followed the link you had above to Paul Townsends site relating to Bristol and Crane Fireworks. There was some really good information which I was very happy to read. My father had told me some information but not enough before he passed. Andy P had mentioned that he was looking for some snippets to improve the entry (which is fabulous I think). I have some stuff that you may be interested in. I have scanned and taken pictures of some old documents. I have a 1937 price list, a letter from the gov thanking them for making grenades, an old invoice and what appears to be 27 pages of what appears to be some sort of a internal program that talks about their company. Do you have any interest in these items? I may have more as I have not gone through a few boxes. Thanks, Stephen Crane, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada (not a Rare Convict)
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    Hi Stephen
    Welcome to the forum, anything you have in the way of information is always welcome. To date none of us have managed to locate a single surviving example of a Cranes firework. Not even a banger, I have a collection of 280 plus different banger examples but still not found a Cranes version. Sometimes the odd empty box turns up but think I've only ever heard of 3 of those ........
    Look forward to seeing scans of what you have.
  20. Richard Lane

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    Yes ..welcome Stephen's very exciting to hear from someone with a great pyro past fill in the blanks a sit where.
    Anything that you could post would be most welcome