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    Thanks for joining in Stephen, great to hear some more about Cranes and your family connection. My late Grandmother used to work for Cranes in the 1930's...she used to tell me stories of the fireworks she used to make, before the factory started making munitions for the war effort. I used to love hearing her stories as a child.

    I live a stones throw from the old factory, yet as Kevin said...finding old remnants of the fireworks made locally has so far proved unsuccessful. That's not to say there aren't the odd bits out there.

    I would be particularly interested in seeing any old photos or documents, that's for sure.

    Thanks again Stephen,
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  2. Here is what I have put together so far.

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    Thanks Stephen, great information.......... first time I have ever seen a picture of a Cranes Firework, love that 1937 pricelist front cover....... see several banger types on there for me to look out for...........
  4. great bit of fireworks history , thanks for posting
  5. Thanks very much for posting. Some nice history to take a look at over the weekend.
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    thanks for posting up and sharing with us stephen ....
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    Thanks for the pics, some wonderful pyro history there, interesting stuff.
  8. Hi
    I'm pleased to report that a complete range of 100 different Cranes Fireworks still exist albeit dummies on shop displays. They are real fireworks except without the explosive. I believe they date from around WWI so are now 100 years old. The biggest bangers are called The Bristol Banger, The Yankee Cannon and Long Tom Gun at 2d each down to smaller versions at 1d or 1/2d each. A popular word then was electric so there are Electric Rockets, Electric Squibs, Electric Zip Bangs, Electric Shrapnel. + Aerial Bombs and lots of Halfpenny goods.
    I bought them around 1960 in a junk shop on Christmas Steps in Bristol for 6d and just stored them since then. I am the guardian of a lot of ancient treasure; (my wife calls it tat!).
    I believe these are the sole remaining examples of Firework products produced by Cranes.
  9. hi savannah ,
    could you put a photo of your cranes fireworks , on the forum . I sure we would all like to see them .
    thanks steve
  10. I'm not very good with computers but I will get my son to do that tomorrow, I hope.
  11. thanks stuart , that will be great .
    Thanks steve
  12. What a fantastic piece. Real history revealed on the website - a privilege to read.
  13. great stuart , thanks for your time, great bit of pyro history ,
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    The quantity and quality of very rare vintage pyro turning up in this last 12 months is just amazing. It bodes well for future years and more treasures that are out there waiting to be discovered.
    Those Cranes boards are incredible, well done Stuart for saving them in the first place ...... and a big thank you for taking the time to show them on here so we can all appreciate them.
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    Very interesting stuff, thanks for all the info, yes those fireworks are very old and in very condition.
  17. Dear all

    Thank you all for your interest in the Cranes Firework boards, I have had so many offers it has been truly an amazing experience and a credit to all those involved in the Fireworks Forum. For sure it is the liveliest forum I have ever been on!
    For all of you that have made offers, thank you very much. I am pleased to tell you that the boards now have a new home.

    Best wishes to you all for the future and good hunting.
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    in this picture you can just make out the sign saying cranes fireworks factory on righthand side 50 yards up the road..
    .perhaps the main entrance point into the factory
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    and the Cranes Firework board behind the lamp post outside the shop...........
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