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    Back in August 2013 I wrote the following in response to the Victor Crane episode described at the start of this topic........

    " There was no swindling, just a waste of my time which does annoy 30 plus years of working in the militaria collectors world I have never come across such stupid, childish behaviour............
    What goes around comes around "

    So it has turned out........ the whole thing started with Victor Crane a made up relative from the Cranes family and a supposed hidden cache of Cranes Fireworks........ and 3 years later a real relative from the Cranes Family sees this topic and writes in......... this leads to a good friend of mine TonyB doing some searching around on the internet where he uncovers a long forgotten few lines written by Stuart on a local history site where the writer states he has 2 display boards stored away.......... this in turn leads to Stuart putting the pictures on here for us all to see.
    One of the people trying to get these boards is the best mate of the person pretending to be Victor Crane who by his voice is well known in the firework collecting world and has been clearly identified by everyone who listened to the voicemail I have on file. This mate of 'Victors ' implicated himself during a conversation with a third party back in 2013 and probably was the instigator for the whole thing in the first place.
    This person was chucking big money offers to try and get the boards............ pleased to say he wasn't successful and the boards do indeed have a new owner and it is someone who has a genuine love of vintage pyro and loves to share info with anyone that is interested........
    It's taken 3 years but I think a fitting way to close the story of Victor Crane, the man that never was with the hoard that never existed........
  2. well said kevin .
  3. Absolutely Kev. Your summary reveals a crook to be an arsehole. The truth always outs.
  4. That is so cool. Thanks Tony.
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    This forum just keeps getting better! Great story from fraudster and fiction to family and fact.

    Next time I walk past the old Cranes factory site, I'll take a photo. A sort of 'before and after'!
    Safe to say, Cranes Close bears no resemblance to that old picture now. Only the name leaves an inkling of what once was.
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  7. The buyer is someone who will cherish and share the sight of these rare pieces; so glad that he got them, we have had a good chat about them. Thanks to all involved in this latest bit of Crane news and its amazing outcome.
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    I've had this old press photo for many years and always thought it was probably taken at Crane's Fireworks Factory. Now I see the dummy board posted by Savannah, I feel this is even more likely. The dummy board has a scalloped edged rectangular label at the top as do two of the fireworks in my photo... I still can't be certain though. It' a real shame that only fragments of the tracing paper label remain on the back of the photo.
    Crane's Photograph - Factory Worker with Fireworks.jpg
  9. Hello Stephen,
    Your pictures were brought to my attention and I should be very interested if you might like to add some thoughts - and pictures to Fireworks (magazine) There have been a number of articles and some pictures of Crane's in the magazine already. Perhaps you know about them? For talking about publishing an article, please use email - Look forward to hearing from you.
  10. This is a story that needs documenting - there's no-one better than John Bennett to do it justice Stephen.
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    Not quite sure where I got this photo but it belongs here!! Crane's Box - 1'-.jpg
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    What an amazing saga this has turned out to be...from the attempted dupe at the outset...batted off well by Kev..right thru to the recent couple of from Stephen in Canada...then the boards that surfaced.
    It really has turned out to be an 'ends well' saga.
    Congrats to all those involved ...with the exception of Rare Convict.
    It just reinforces the fact as we all always say..".there's a lot out there"
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    Today whilst at a militaria show I met an old guy whos' mother had been a worker at Cranes in the late 1930's....... she was badly injured in the explosion that closed the site for good having been blown out of the shed, over a fence and losing large amounts of skin off her arms............. her name was Ethel Isaacs and she was around 16 yrs old at the time........ I wonder if she could be the girl in the photo............ ?
    Time to get my research head on again............
  14. Amazing, who would have thought that a hoax call would lead to all this wonderful and interesting information coming onto the Forum. They didn't mean to do any good, but it has been turned around to advantage. Wonderful photos and display boards.
  15. Agreed Tiggy. I had some experience with the individuals involved in this hoax some years back - utterly poisonous "Walter Mitty" creatures. Sadly they were successful and I lost irreplaceable memorabilia that was "borrowed" - I was too trusting.