deconstructed 80s pack

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    heres some more detailed pics of the 80s display pack i found back end of last year
    IMG_4367.JPG IMG_4368.JPG IMG_4371.JPG IMG_4426.JPG IMG_4427.JPG IMG_4432.JPG IMG_4430.JPG IMG_4377.JPG IMG_4379.JPG IMG_4384.JPG IMG_4385.JPG IMG_4389.JPG IMG_4397.JPG IMG_4395.JPG IMG_4399.JPG IMG_4404 (1).JPG IMG_4404.JPG IMG_4405.JPG IMG_4409.JPG IMG_4411.JPG IMG_4413.JPG IMG_4417.JPG IMG_4415.JPG IMG_4419.JPG IMG_4436 (1).JPG IMG_4440.JPG IMG_4441.JPG IMG_4447.JPG IMG_4445.JPG IMG_4448.JPG IMG_4452.JPG IMG_4455.JPG IMG_4454.JPG IMG_4467.JPG IMG_4468.JPG IMG_4462.JPG
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  2. very nice mr t . nice batch of rockets,
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  3. Love it mate, thanks for the pics, what I would give for that lot you lucky bugger lol.
  4. That salvo is very much like the Chinese cakes today, looking at that it's just a shame standard couldn't have made it through making stuff to match what we are getting from China only with good old UK recipes with flash powder used today, might have even been better because this crackling stuff drives me bloody mad, nearly every firework today is bloody snap crackle and pop.
  5. would you give your right arm jamie ? lol
  6. Certainly would Steve, that stuff is the crown jewels for me.
  7. Fantastic collection and great photos. Thanks for posting.
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    Absolutely love this! What a great collection. Id love these display kits to be around these days, what fun :)
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  9. jamie would you give your crown jewels ? lol
  10. Yes definitely, much more fun and excitement and not every firework doing the same thing like today or more like the exact same fireworks relabeled and rebranded under a different company, when we had UK fireworks manufacturers such as standard everything had its own characteristics and stood out, not like what we've got today.
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  11. It was in effect a six shot cake. The stake went down the centre tube. The construction was similar to Dizzle Dazzle Bang (remember those from the eighties?), which was, sort of, a three shot cake.
  12. Thanks for that, very interesting, that what I love about this forum, I remember collecting the spent batteries up after GFN in the eighties as a youngster, never saw what they did unfortunately as I was too young and couldn't afford them and my parents wouldn't spend a lot on fireworks, same with the big rockets, never saw them but heard plenty about them on the forum from others who actually fired them, the sky rockets I had in the 80s were those size 3 and 4 dome cap ones, loved them, remember the unique swoosh they gave, not much in the way of payload but we're my favourite as a youngster. Hi
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    just wow!