DisneyWorld (florida) Fireworks

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  1. Hey! does anyone know anyone on the inside at DisneyWorld?? Ive been trying to get a backstage view of the firework setup at disney world now for the last 2 years. I can never find any information for a direct contact. Their customer services always say "you can go on these tours but we dont tour fireworks"
  2. One of the guys on here went to work for them for 6 months I believe but can't remember who it was.

    I've tried before and got pretty close to sorting something out but they're pretty tight on it.

    Will be trying my luck again this year
  3. Arthur

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    It's Disney, anyone who knows cannot say without company approval, it's how they work, and it seems to keep the business ticking over!

    There was once a (magazine?) article about the air firing but not "how Disney do fireworks"
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  5. You might have already seen it but I believe this is a pic of the launch site
  6. Jon

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    It's interesting how much longer the CO2 tubes need to be? Or am I missing something?
  7. Just for clarification, air launch is only used at disney in California NOT in Florida.
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    Above pic at Disney California, google maps 33.816390, -117.919855
  9. Megabusa

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    We managed to get pretty close without being challenged in Florida.

    We drove in through the employees entrance which is near the university & made our way to Floridian Way where the launch site is. We parked in a small car park that was about 100 yards or so from the launch site. You get a much better view from there !

    As Firework Crazy pointed out, they use conventional shells in Florida, not air launch.
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    I think the longer tubes help with pneumatic launching yeah but also for accuracy as they look to be carefully angled to very small increments.
  11. You were lucky then megabusa, as security is pretty hot. They don't even let you stop on the road and watch where they put the road blocks in place.
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    Cuz I think they get the occasional shell land in the road:rolleyes:
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    I'm not even sure if we were supposed to be there or not. It looks like a public road but is surrounded by Disney property. At no point did I have to 'blag' my way past anyone. It just felt like we were not supposed to be there .....

    The road itself runs right past the shell site, I could see road blocks at showtime but found a car park at the side of some buildings that got us pretty close.

    This would be about 4 years ago.