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    At last I have managed to re-organise the display cabinets to allow me to start work on re-creating the Standard Display Boards that I bought last year. It has been impossible for me to display them whilst the strings that hold the fireworks in place have been either broken of loose. My plan is to make 3 brand new boards, re-string them and place everything back so they can be framed and back on display. Now they are behind glass and safe I can look to the next step when time allows and in the meantime I can enjoy them on display.Original boards will be kept so that everything stays together .
    This cabinet contains all my early Standard items except for the early bangers that I have in my banger collection display.
    It meant moving the flyer collection into another cabinet and gave me the excuse to weed out a couple of repro items at the same time.Everything in there is live except for the Yellow Helicopter which has been fired..
    IMG_5967.JPG IMG_5968.JPG IMG_5969.JPG IMG_5970.JPG
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  3. Very nice collection kev, thanks for sharing the pics, guessing 1930s through to 1960s?.
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    Everything in the first picture is pre 1939 except for Snow Storm, Chrys Ftn and the 2 larger rockets on the bottom shelf.
    Vast majority of the items are 1935 -37.
  5. Yes, hard to date some of the standard stuff of earlier eras, so most of it pre war era, thanks for the info kev, very interesting, bet that stuff goes for an absolute fortune.
  6. jamie, about 10 shillings, & six pence .
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    Seem to remember you've some nice early stuff, will be up with cash in hand Steve, reckon a nice crisp £20 note should take care of it......... no need to wrap them up......
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  8. jamie will have no idea ,, what 10 shillings amounts to . haveing said that i dont. i have to ask the older generation ,
    how much is 10 shillings kevin ? lol
  9. Sounds like we all are lost on that one, think we may need to ask someone who is at least 100 years old lol.
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    I bet you remember very quickly what 10/- is Steve when I have a word with your mam and get her to sell me your collection of old fireworks that are cluttering up the place and I give her 10 nice old 10/- notes.............
    Jamie................ 10/- is 50p in todays money,
  11. Wish we had as much value to the pound these days kev, just think what we could get for the money.
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    Great stuff Kev...absolutely love early pyro ..this is a great collection...well done...I've seen it in parts when at yours ...but nice to see it altogether.