Cake/Barrage Epsilon

Discussion in 'Royal Party Fireworks' started by Quasar, May 11, 2013.

  1. Quasar

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    Epsilon By Royal Party

    Catagory 3
    19 Shots
    320g NEQ
    35 Seconds

    A beautiful 19 shot barrage with gold coconuts to yellow & pink coconuts finishing with crackling coconuts.
  2. pyromatt1987

    pyromatt1987 Pro Firer/Crew

    thats stunning... i really like this :)
  3. swazzle

    swazzle UKFR Legend

    Is it just me or is it it a weird name for a firework?
  4. There is a twin to it, called kinetic, nice little fast paced cakes, with nice effects,
  5. pyromatt1987

    pyromatt1987 Pro Firer/Crew

    i suppose it is a weird name for a firework :) there are 3 Epsilon, Kinetic & Prime all 19 shot. Does anyone still stock these?