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    Most Esco Fireworks were not of the Blue Touchpaper variety.....
    Esco Fireworks - Banger.jpg Esco Fireworks - Sparklers - Polar Electric (7\'\').jpg
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    esco airbombs
    IMG_3501.JPG IMG_3502.JPG
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  4. I still have a Tigers Roaring Fountain.
  5. You need to start posting photos of your stuff Peter!
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    Yeah, was thinking exactly the same thing myself, your stash doesn't exist without pics.
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    Or collection should I say.
  8. It certainly does exist but it's all packed away at the moment.
  9. Excuse the golden lion roman candle lol

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    Esco imported loads of Chinese and Malaysian stuff. In fact, the first Chinese stuff I ever saw was in Esco boxes. Horse Brand, Red Lantern and Temple of Heaven seemed to be the ones. They had these mini rockets called Flower Scattering Child. They had two sticks and the grey rice paper fuse. Were sold in boxes of 12 I think.

    Interestingly a few of the wrappers in these pictures are still used today if you look up the individual pieces on Google. They are still in production and have not changed all these years except the rice paper fuses have given way to the more reliable and sturdy visco.
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  11. I was a real fan of Esco Fireworks,tried to get as many of this brand as i could especially the Weco rockets,this was the first company to import a cake to sell to the public too,the News Transmitter with it's silver whistling tails,i wrote to the company and was sent a catalogue which i still have,there were other Chinese brands among them too,i also remember Linked Triad,Flower Basket and i'm sure there were others,Brocks were the first company to import and sell Chinese fireworks in this Country and many of the same fireworks were in the Esco boxes,i always found the small rockets very impressive for the size,who remembers Clustering Bees,Glitterous Lights,Starry Night,Wild Geese,these two were the first rockets i ever saw with a whistling tail!,Emerald Meteors with a green tail,there were others too,having only ever having seen British fireworks these were a real novelty with so many effects we hadn't seen before,little did we know then that this was the beginning of the end of the British Firework industry,something we will never see again!
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    Yes, News Transmitter! I remember seeing that on a poster that Esco sent me when I were a lad. It looked strange. The first cake I clapped eyes on. I never got to see it in action but here's a thing, that too is still in production today. I'm sure of it.

    Yes, I remember Linked Triad too.
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    E27F6434-F1FC-4BBB-B915-B4DBC45356B1.jpeg 546787E7-4822-49DB-8EC8-36A2B6DFEF5F.jpeg Here’s a few of my Esco bits.
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    FLOWER SCATTERING CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ahhh just as I remember...thanks Whizz! Red and Green stars I think. One of each colour in each of the FSC's.
  17. I still have a couple of Sky Monkey rockets here,never saw the Flower Scattering Child for sale down here.
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    No, I never came across Sky Monkeys either. On a side note, is it me or does the character on the box look like it is rather jubilantly oblivious to it's seemingly uncontrollable diarrhea problem?
  19. Very nice indeed!

    I remember Esco coming in, around the mid 80s? At the time I thought the fireworks weren’t as good as the Standard and Brocks stuff available, but would love to have some now in my collection.

    The only Esco I have are some Martian Missiles, which I got from Kevin a few years ago, I fired a packet of them on a bonfire night display probably around 30 years ago and never thought I’d see them again!
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    One thing i would love to see again is the Esco Star Explorer mini rockets. They came 12 in a pack top and tail in a polly bag and with a glow in the dark launch tube. Cost about £2 a bag. The effects were a single solitary star. Half the pack had one strobe star and the other half had a silver comet star. great little things they were. The last time I tried buying some I asked for "Star Seekers" and got the bluce touch paper Standard whistle rockets in a blue box. I was GUTTED at the time but was too young and shy to ask again for the other ones. I was with my mum and I was about 11 years old. however, having gotten home and opened the box i was delighted. I'd seen the dead carcasses of these rockets many times in the streets after bonfire nights past but now I had my own box and they were great rockets too.