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    Fantastic Fireworks has a number of items which are end of line and now on SALE for this Spring.

    Twilight Delight was £71.99 now at £36 - An excellent 49 shot, low noise multi-coloured horsetail effect firework

    Shockwave was £72.99 now at £39.99 - An 81 shot multi-effect single ignition firework

    Magnetic Storm was £24.99 now at £12.50 - A superb long lasting, crackling fountain

    Tropicana Candle Pack was £47.99 now at £24.99 - A pack of 4 candles with different colours (Pink, Blue, Green and multi-coloured)

    Don't miss out on these great offers as stock is getting low on these lines. You can also use your UKFR 15% discount on these items for further price reductions. Please PM for the code.

    There are more items on sale on our website. Visit to find out more
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