Firework Champions Dates 2018

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  1. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    And mle step it up a notch by buying the company that was providing the pa for there events and expanding the sounds system itself
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  2. Really???
  3. I don't see how they can advertise this without announcing which teams are firing at which venue.
  4. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Apparently teams announced next week and yep they own the lot now
  5. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Yep, quite a bit of kit to say the least, but makes sense in the longer term.
  6. Yer, I know the one we went too, the sound was bloody awful @Illusion Fireworks was there too, speakers on field left, Fireworks field right ?????

    but I think most of the companies kit was out on a big gig elsewhere. But not sure.

    So if he owns it it can be done right at every venue.

    The only thing is, as you probably know, line arrays are great “IF” the alignment is set correctly.

    Get it wrong it’s sounds awful or the convergence point is in the wrong spot so the throw is out & so on.

    But I think that’s a wise move.

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  7. PDC Fireworks

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    when you get new venues it must be hard keeping spending low when your spending 2-3k min on sound to hire. needing second stack could cost another 1-2k to hire. something like belvour is very well established and must need silly money spending on sound with 2 cranes to hang them all. i hate organising events, all you need is bad weather and you could lose tens of thousands of pounds. so this new investment will mean he can add more sound as he sees fit.

    all teams get asked ages ago but we dont know exact location until dec normally
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  8. I know where we are, although it has taken a year of asking!
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  9. Will definitely be going to Belvior Castle at least. Would love to do the whole tour tbh!
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  10. Da Main Mouse

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    Im hoping to make Yorkshire and Leicestershire thats not to far from me, be nice to meet some like minded fellows for a few beverages. Might try to stay the nights. Whats the idea? Iv never been is it just the display or is there anything else fireworky goin on?
    Id actually love to be involved in something like this even if it was just lugging racks and boxs or making tea
  11. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Yeah I spoke to Mat about it. Large scale pa is HARD WORK. I have my own 15kW system, and even that which is a fraction of the size of this line array is seriously heavy kit to move about. I said as long as he can get the crew to run and install it, its a good idea. Used PA holds its value well if looked after.
  12. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Ohhhhhhh teams have been released illusion and firemonkey both at the same event!!
  13. Really looking forward to this! Alex and I have decided to fire to Christmas songs ;)

    Teams and firing orders:

  14. RocketRev

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    And MDL are taking part. So that's me likely to be a bit biased!:)
  15. starseeker

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    This will be our first competition ,and my first time at a firework champions event ,really excited :)
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  16. scoops

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    If anyone needs any crew give me a shout, love the buzz of comps.
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  17. Eastnor is a great venue to fire. You'll have a great time. Good luck!
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  18. elmo

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    What happened to keeping the order of firing from the crowd??
  19. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    A great idea in principle, however what happened was the firing teams lost out on valuable PR opportunities, a nice introduction before the shows and stuff like that, thats my understanding anyway,