Firework Champions - Stanford Hall Sat 29th July 2017

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  1. 13th year at this awesome venue, teams as follows:

    SkyDazzle Pyrotechnics
    Flashpoint Fireworks
    G-Force Fireworks

    more information can be found at
    Facebook page is

    2nd of the five MLE "Fireworks Champions" competitions and displays.
    13th time at Stanford Hall - 4 great firework displays! Three of the UK's best firework companies compete against each other with a 10 minute firework display choreographed to music followed by a finale display from organisers MLE Pyrotechnics. The types of fireworks being used by the companies are quite different to the material available to the general public, each company uses category 4 fireworks - those that are for professional use only and the biggest available in the UK.
    The event is the only one of its type in the UK where the audience have the capability to vote for the team they liked the most using their mobile phone. Texts will be charged at normal rates and a limit of 1 vote per number is in place. Each voting number receives a text back with the results.

    Overall events website:
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