Firework Crazy 100mm mines

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  1. As we can't post in Marks thread thought I'd start a new one.....

    Nice one on finding these mate, for any of you who have not used 4" mines they really are the holy grail of consumer pyro, certainly the most powerful items you can buy, while they may seem costly for the duration they really will knock the socks off of your audience!

    Get them while you can (I'd go for the colour to reports) because the likelihood is it will be the last lot you see on the UK consumer market.

    The sandling mines were the ones I used to buy after the minster ones disappeared and they are brilliant, being the size of a 4" mortar tube they look impressive in your set-up too!

    Come on Mark..... Video's....!!!
  2. blackbat

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    Perhaps I'm being dense, but why are these in such short supply? What's the import issue?
  3. swazzle

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    how do they compare to kimbolton 85mm mines. iv'e had both over the years but can't remember the difference
  4. They don't sound suitable for a display which I am supposed to be toning down. Surely I can supply the sheep on the nearby farm with earmuffs?
  5. Pyro Pete

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    Yes totally agree with Masterchief, these are superb bits of extreme pyro firepower and quite unlike anything else for impact. They are indeed like rocking horse s**t so get them while you can! Well worth stocking up on them for a rainy day, safe storage permitting of course ;)
  6. One of the main reasons for them being hard to get hold of is the cost to import, they are a huge item and take a lot of container space, 70% of the tube is empty but is needed for the effect to function properly.
  7. plus when you tell 99% of the buying public that they are £20+ for a few seconds they tend to look elsewehere :)
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  8. Yeah they are for the die hard part of the market
  9. gunpowderplot

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    also no longer avaliable to the retail market due to legistation
  10. gunpowderplot

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    yep got the email from graham last week.have bought a few cases......
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  12. gunpowderplot

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    grahams have more nec quanity,these look good. minster were my favorite followed by shellscape mmmmm
  13. I have the same email, he moved them on because in his words: These are surplus to our requirements as we cannot easily ship them now that they are 1.3G.

    They are still a category 3 item and as such are available to the retail market! No legislation restricting them at all!
  14. Signum

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    So its down to Grahams ability to handle them - as oppose to not being able to sell them to the retail market...

    (oh and Carter, not too keen on coke, prefer Dr Pepper ;))
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    different email never mind,once there gone there gone...... all good fireworks come to there end.....sad
  16. Be interested to know what piece of legislation you refer too :(
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    £9.99 a few years ago
  18. 6 years ago the cheapest I could find a 4" mine sold individually was ~ £17 from firework emporium
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    I too remember something in the changed legislation a few years back that made 100mm mines a non-starter to bring in for retail - but can't for the life of me remember the details. Maybe something to do with the powder weight not being enough now to work well in 100mm?