Fireworks from the past

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  1. Escht

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    Will that do ?
  2. pyro plim

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    Thank you sir it will very nicely:):D
  3. pyro plim

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    THANKS .The apollo kick started many memories..A mate of mine used to be mad on jackpots its all he bought..:D
  4. Escht

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    Unusual Jar......

    Goes well with the firework collection.............

    bonfire toffee.jpg
  5. pyro plim

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    Looks like the old Pain's guy in a way..:)
  6. Escht

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    Any help with the banger collection

    Seem to have hit a wall with the collection......I know there are still dozens if not hundreds more to find yet....... anyone got anything for sale or swap that isn't in these pics..... don't forget the previous Standard Banger post from few days ago.








  7. pyro plim

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    I will keep my eyes open for you..I Gather your not too far from me;)
  8. Escht

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    About 50 miles !

    But distance is never a problem...... thanks for keeping a look out..... only stipulation is they must be British and blue touchpaper type......
  9. Why is one of them in a bottle?!
  10. Mixologist

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    lol good eyes only just seen that.

    I have a mint box of Wilders bangers if thats any good to you?
  11. pyro plim

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    Its a" POP"bottle...:D
  12. Escht

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    No idea, that is how I found it, quite a rare banger in its own right.The bottle is sealed with red wax and looks like it was done a long time ago.
  13. Escht

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    If it contains a banger type not seen in the last pic of my banger pics then definately interested.....
    Many thanks
  14. Shockwave Pyrotechnics

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    I have these, don't know if they're in your pics or not because I don't know what they look like as they're still sealed with tape and I don't want to open them if not necessary

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  15. Escht

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    I think they are the string type fuzes........ unless anyone knows any different.
    Thanks for the offer though
  16. Pyromania

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    Yep, they're definitely visco fuses, I know because I lit hundreds of those in my teenage years, just wish I'd kept at least one packet!! My best mate had a packet left over, and he would never sell them to me, I went up to £30 (and that was about 10 years ago) but he wouldn't budge! Now he can't find them, he wishes he'd taken my money!! :mad:
  17. Andy_P

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    There's a picture of an open box of Standard Cannon bangers in an earlier post.

    EDIT: Found it... it was mine! (post #43)
  18. pyro plim

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    Has the cosmic broucher turned up Andy P ?
  19. Shockwave Pyrotechnics

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    ahh that's what they look like, cheers Andy :D
  20. pyro plim

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    Can anyone remember ( BIG CHIEF) brand of fireworks? circa 98 ish .I was lead to belive they were from Wales?.I do remember they were poo.