First Display, Local Cricket Club 26th Nov

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    Well what a night! all 12 cues fired without any issues and everything pretty much went to plan! ..Such a good feeling when you hit the buttons and everything does what it was planned to.

    The only thing that let me down was the Awakening (should have fired the Caged tiger after all lol)..only the first 2 rows of tubes fired which was a little disappointing.. in no means did it let the night down though and nobody had a clue. The other thing out of my control was zero wind so the smoke seems heavy now I played the footage back, strangely I didn't notice It on the night! (steward video was from behind and looks better on camera)

    my biggest regret was not setting up a decent camera to film it.. I managed to get some phone footage together and also a rear angle shot from one of my stewards

    The finale was HUGE, 2x Colossus spread over 250 feet width with a Stealth Rising, Brocade Wars & a Waterloo up the middle and boot full of shockwave mines :D:D EPIC

    Fav's which stand out.. everything!! but loved the Raging spiders, Hardball 3" rockets, Triple Blaze, slow then Go, Overdrive, WOW, brocade wars, Stealth Rising & (Plant) Colossus is huge.

    Things i'd change? Should have gone for big mines instead of the planet shockwave's, great effect and huge breaks but it didn't have the ground thumping launch like the large Sovereign/Genghis mines

    Hope you like, Cant wait to put another show together!

    Stewards eye view

    Crowd Cam

    Finale Crowd Cam


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    Amazed for a display with only 12 ques, some good fusing!:)
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    good effort there :)
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  4. Richyc

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    Cheers mate, I must admit for a £38 12 que system It did the job! took around 8 meters of quick match to fuse cakes together but it turned out to be a good option
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    You have a rival in the fusing department me thinks..
  6. beeney

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    ;) looks like it

    it does work as long as the cakes run to time ish
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    What was your opinion on benwell Waterloo mate?