Forestry fire risk

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Pyrotrev, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Pyrotrev

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    With the current spell of warm dry weather, one of our regular shows is starting to alarm me a bit. If this NE wind stops in (which it's forecast to do), the drift line is over some forestry, normally not a problem as at this time of year the trees are in spring growth, and besides which up here in the NortWest it's generally damp anyway. However this year, the forest floor is VERY dry, and i see a potential fire risk - or am I being too cautious???
    (BTW obviously no drossy stuff in the show anyway)
  2. elmo

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    Can you be ‘too’ cautious ??
    If you can, have a couple of spotters in there with water while you fire and keep an eye on it directly after , we are fast approaching the dry summer crops season which proves to be a pain at many venues........ roll on October ;)
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  3. Mathew Griffiths

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    Just Be careful with brocades especially brocade and willow shells, but be prepared and have crew on stand by with plenty of water you should be ok! I've seen so many displays in Spain and south France fire near wooded surroundings where it's been completely dry for months
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    Hows tricks Trev?

    Is there a lake near by? Up your neck of the woods theres a good chance there will be, if so I would suggest pumping water up on to the forestry floor if it is feasable, damping down would massivley reduce the risk.

    I have a show soon that presents a similar risk, luckily we have a working tap right at the display site so it is in the RA to damp down if the ground is dry.

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    Funny aftermath to this one. Thankfully got a bit of rain earlier in the day, so set off feeling much better. Get to the site and something's changed......they'd recently harvested all the forestry, just a few broken branches and mud left :tssr:
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  6. Pyro Pete

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    ROFL did you start a fire anyway in protest? :D
  7. RocketRev

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    That's a pretty extreme way of answering your prayers @Pyrotrev , but effective, nevertheless! :)