FREE Firework Enthusiasts Day hosted by 1st Galaxy Fireworks

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  1. Have you ever wondered just what happens at a real, large scale, Professional Firework Display?
    If you're a lover of fireworks and behave just like a child in sweetie shop the moment you set foot in a firework store, then this taster day is just for you!!

    Our taster days are a great way to see a sample of the various Consumer and Display Fireworks that we use on a show, you'll get a VIP tour behind the scenes of how we work and just what is involved in the preparation of a professional display.

    For more information CLICK HERE

    During the day and evening you'll have a chance to:
    • Meet our Team of Professionals
    • Chat with other likeminded Enthusiasts
    • Get a hands on view of the Fireworks
    • See the various 'fusing techniques' that we use
    • Discover what advanced technology we use
    • See a 'Live' Firework Display Site
    • Set up & Ignite Fireworks (see our consumer range)
    • Large Demonstration of various Consumer & Professional Fireworks in the evening.
    You can give us a call on 0115 8559000 and reserve your space(s) or use the link above to go to our website where you can contact us via email..

    We look forward to seeing you there

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