Cake/Barrage Glittering Diadem

Discussion in 'Magnum Series' started by Magnum Series, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Magnum Series

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    • Distance 8m
    • Running Time: 28 seconds
    • Size: 22.5 x 18 x 18cm
    • Colour: Silver, God and red brocade mine up to a burst of brocade crown
    • Style: Straight
    • Shots: 25
    • NEC 375g
    • CAT2
    • £41.95

  2. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    Ermmmm, that's not 25 shots! That video is totally different to the one on Galactic which they fired themselves

    Can anyone confirm though if the volley is supposed to be at the start or finish. They're not sure if they lit the reserve fuse or not which appears to be positioned for reverse firing. I've got 2 for a finale so need to know.
  3. UKChrisT

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    Please confirm someone, I'm also interested in this.
  4. Galactic mentioned on their YouTube page, I think it was?, that there are two fuses and they probably lit the wrong one.
    I'd like to see this in the flesh or at least another UK video as it looks bloody amazing. I can't believe there are only 2 videos of this on YouTube. Has no-one purchased one yet?
  5. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    Yes I've got Galactic's last two. My point is that the original video put up on this thread simply isn't this firework.
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  6. Last two? They have only just started selling them!
  7. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    No! They decided to stick the sapphire crown instead. Had a few GD as testers. SC is probably better value but the GD a better piece.
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  8. Damp Squib

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    Have Galactic confirmed whether the volley comes first or last? Either way it looks stunning...
  9. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    No they can't be sure they didn't light the wrong fuse in the excitement. My solution is going to be to fire them together from different fuses!
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  10. I lit this firework last night - from the video I took, the Galactic video above is accurate. We definitely lit the in-fuse and the volley was first, this is a truly stunning piece huge breaks and great pace! But Sapphire Crown is also fantastic :)
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  11. Video please! :)
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  12. Here is the video - not as good as it could have been if we had been a bit further back :)

  13. I just watched and thought the volley was last... on sally vid
  14. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    Spot on pimp. Two of those are going to look sweet together.
  15. At £20 each, I am thinking more along the lines of 5x. Not bad for a garden finale.

    EDIT: I was thinking of the Sapphire Crown, which is essentially the same, just faster firing.
  16. We fired Sapphire Crown too and would be hard pushed to choose between them but at around £20 Sapphire Crown is quick but a fantastic firework and a great price - its my new favourite (this week)! 5x in a garden finale would totally fill the sky!
  17. my vid which does not catch the mine

  18. Magnum Series

    Magnum Series Pro Firer/Crew

    Thanks for all your positive feedback. You might all be interested in an in-store offer at our Runcorn store we have running between Monday 22nd to Monday 29th September. The offer includes Sapphire Crown, Glittering Diadem and Molecular Mayhem. Drop in and see us to find out more or call us on 01928 593150. :)