Cake/Barrage Gold Rush

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  1. RRP: £16.99
    Category: Cat 2- 8m
    Shots: 36
    Shape: Straight
    Bore: 18mm
    Class: 1.4G
    Description: A 36 shot Cat 2 barrage with Golden Kamuro effects throughout.

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  2. Very nice...
  3. swazzle

    swazzle UKFR Legend

    You wouldn't know that was cat 2
  4. Or 18mm bore, but anyone who's seen any Absolute Cat 2 (especially Lightning) will believe it.
  5. Here is my own video of Gold Rush, and while it has a Jorge Thunder King paired with it I think it shows the lovely effects and hang time quite nicely:

    Filmed at about 10 metres.
  6. i was thinking of putting this together with x factor barrage, by total FX fireworks, any one else think that would go well?
  7. Great little cake this, I've used this in two displays and for such a small cake and price point, you can't do much better. Big bursts which overlap nicely and a multishot finale. What more can you ask for?
  8. This is a super little piece, picked one up last year to use as the finale and it certainly didn't disappoint :)
  9. kamikersie

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    Wow... love that....... 8m though? I can't believe that still
  10. Trust me mate you want to watch it at more than 8m just so you can appreciate the effect fully :)
  11. K9Girl

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    This is 2 :)

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  12. dave38x

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    I'll be getting one or more of those next year then!
  13. Our footage from tonight filmed from 30 metres: