Help needed in Birmingham area!!

Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Butler_Fireworks, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Butler_Fireworks

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    HI after some help - I want time purchase some last minute fillers from Awans and Latifs. Only problem I'm travelling up Friday with no choice for shopping as playing golf at the Belfry and Awans closed Saturday.

    Wondering if anyone's nearby that I could transfer money and if they're passing kindly help me out and collect Saturday PM??!!

    Worth a try you kind lot!!!!
  2. Tiltman

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    I would have but I'm totally tied up now with being in London and then setting up a big Halloween party Saturday. If you'd said last week .......
  3. Butler_Fireworks

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    Ah ok no worries....know anyone else that might be of help?
  4. Tiltman

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  5. K9Girl

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    Love it - Do my shopping for me as I'm playing golf :p
  6. PyroBoris

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    Latifs is open on Saturday at least

    Saturday 9:30am–7pm

    You can just head there yourself after the 19th hole?

    Anything you can get an Awans you can get at Latifs (other than the Ultra stuff), you just pay a little bit more
  7. Butler_Fireworks

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  8. Butler_Fireworks

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    Where golf or the firework shop? I have decided due to the lack of response I am going to get up at 7 to go to amans which is over 2 hours away from me... Tee of at 12.40 should be ok!
  9. Fireworks 2 hours away your lucky I have a 6hr journey just to get up there lol