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  1. Anyone else tried these? We had a pack at our belated display on Friday and they were dangerous! Dipped really low at point of explosion. I certainly wouldn't buy them again.
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    I have fired a pack, far from a novelly item the bursts were massive. If I remember correctly they did fire quite low but not dangerously low.
  3. I think these have been incorrectly 'branded'.
    They should ditch the gimicky exterior, and just have them as a ball head rocket. The same with Pigs/Cows.
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    The bursts are HUGE. Slightly surprised by the novelty dressing on them.
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    But, by having a 'gimmicky exterior' on a very good rocket BS have quite cleverly 'doubled' their potential market - enthusiasts & 'kids'....;)
  6. I thought the same as yourself, but unfortunately that's not been the case I'm afraid.

    We all know they are worth the money, but parents struggle to pay those prices for 2 'gimmicky' rocket for their kids, no matter how hard you try and convince them.
    I had the same issues with Pigs & Cows.

    BrightStar should be selling both types of rocket, but in 2 guises: 'Gimmicky' and 'Normal', with slightly different price points.. All in my opinion of course.

    For the record, sales of Heroes & Villains have not been great this year. ;)
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    Sorry, I meant 'big kids'......:D
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  8. Last year I had the same issue went up straight then went horizontal straight towards my parents house.
    Nose dived in to the lawn.
    I must say more than 25 meters distance and fall out range
  9. Saw a couple for the first time earlier in the year amongst a lot of other pyro and was very underwhelmed. The Gold n blue especially was a bit limp. Maybe a one off. And they're not cheap!