I love seeing old pyro but............

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  1. TLG

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    If I had any of it, it would all be going up in smoke with plenty of video taken from all angles. I don't get collection of any kind. You cannot take any of it with you when you croak and regardless of what it is worth if you are just going to sit on it and pass it down for others to sit on what is the point? Set em off because all that is going to happen is the next loft clear out when you are old and gone your old pyro is either going to the tip or just going to rot somewhere.
  2. Pyro Pete

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    Don't ever let this man in a fireworks museum with a box of matches!! :cool:
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  4. gunpowderplot

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    for me collecting old blue touch paper is memory's of childhood and keeping the British heritage of years gone by,(I am taking my vintage pyro with me when I die having it in my coffin when I get crematedo_O )
  5. SydB

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    The same could be said of any collection of 'stuff'. I don't know of anybody who has a collection of belly button fluff on display, though.

    An unfired firework has potential. Once fired, it is gone.
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    I will qoute the above, yes us collectors have fond memories of childhood and also years gone by of real pyro not the uncharacteristic soullessness you have with fireworks today with their tacky labels etc, if we had those types of attitude towards everything else vintage, whether it would be books or what ever then there would be nothing for future generations, no museums etc.
  7. Pyro Ed

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    May sound a bit crazy, but every time I look at past pyro I recall the excitement, amazement and wonder that it gave me back then. Sure tempting to burn, but then I'm left with ashes. Wouldn't be the same!
  8. Pyro Ed

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    Lol, great idea, not sure on the practicalities however haha
  9. Arthur

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    I Agree! I hear of pyro being taken for destruction when the owner ceases to be able to care for it. Once officially consigned for disposal there is no way to stop it being destroyed at huge cost. If certified inert material was collectable then it could be passed to museums etc.
  10. TLG

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    If I ever get my hands on a Standard "Dizzle Dazzle Bang" it will be a scene of devastation.
  11. But when you're dead, you can't take those videos with you.

    Thank God that you don't get a collection of nuclear missiles.

    Just put a strong curse on the pyro. A message saying "Sacred pyro. He or she who destroys this pyro will burn in hell for all eternity".

    Fear not. The immortal Escht will appear in the twinkling of an eye and seize it long before the last of your marbles are lost.

    But personally TLG, I think you're a plonker! :p
  12. Escht

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    If I ever find one I will be sure to let you know.............. Having let you know I will then find it a safer home...........:maybejust:
  13. TLG

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    A collection of nukes? and im the plonker...right.;)
  14. TLG

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    Guess coming over for a coffee is out of the question :(...........Sparklers just rusty rods now but they smelled great at the time.
  15. Escht

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    No problem, pop round for a coffee.just leave your matches at home........... :cheers:
  16. AtomFireworks

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    For me its memories, these items I collect are because my dad had them when I was a nipper, memories that having the real deal brings back, I have considered throwing away my cabinet key to stop myself from letting some off, its a constant struggle!
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    ......anyway..Happy Christmas everybody ..:rolleyes: